Mayor’s Art Institute

Mayor's Art Institute

The Mayor’s Art Institute was created in 1999 to provide paid training and mentorship for artistically talented youth and adults.

The program was administered by the City of Albuquerque from 1999-2005, before being administered the Harwood Art Center from 2006-2015. The Institute grew and flourished through the support of the Harwood staff and community. It gained stability, national recognition, and the support of the greater Albuquerque community while under the administration of Harwood.

Beginning in 2016, the Mayor’s Art Institute will be administered by ALMA (Apprenticeships for Leaders in Mosaic Arts), a local arts non-profit directed by the lead artists of the Mayor’s Art Institute.  The Harwood Art Center is thrilled to have been able to incubate this lasting, successful program, and we wish ALMA the best in the future.

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Kris Mills

Current Studio Artist

I was in Harwood’s very first show called Road To Chaos, organized by Jeff Kruger. My dog, Micro, was also in that show eating 30 hot dogs in a performance piece by Bryan Konefsky. I am back in a studio at Harwood for the second time after 4 years. This time I’m using the studio to do serigraphy with my collaborative friend Tom Loeb. Last time I used the studio to make sculpture. Harwood has given me many opportunities to show my own art and curate shows about the work my community, Albuquerque makes.  My dog Pablo and I are in and out of Harwood’s doors a lot because I now live in the neighborhood.

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