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Elaine Roy

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Elaine Roy
​xxoo Sending My Love
encaustic on panel
24” x 36”

Value: $1,500       Opening Bid: $550        Current Bid: $550

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About Elaine

Elaine Roy holds a B.A. from the University of Maine and a B.F.A. from the University of New Mexico. In the last 20 years, she has worked in the furniture and design industry working in product development and sourcing of textiles, home accessories and furniture, overseeing a production frame shop, managing a design studio, store planning, creative director and as a buyer.

Since 2009, Elaine has been able to dedicate time and resources for the development of her fine art practices in photography and painting, Harwood Art Center, County Commissioners offices Albuquerque NM, Snap price Projects Gallery Design Studio @ the Hyatt and at the Los Alamos Public library.

“With every painting, I am striving to paint as honestly as I can and create an image that cannot completely be taken in with one glance. I like to leave a little mystery, with room for the viewer to bring a memory or a personal point of view to the work that cannot be reached through verbal language or linear thought.”

Multimedia artist Elaine Roy uses line, texture color, and mood to retrieve the sense data inherent in space before form becomes so familiar and burdened with identity.

Elaine prefers a hard surface since her work demands physical effort in order to layer, erase, embed, and layer again. Many times, older drawings exist as history under new works. She uses oil sticks, powder pigments, pencils, charcoal and wax in the mark making process incorporating images buried in the multiples layers that may surface within the abstract landscape.

Through a reduction and layering process, line and form emerge, seeming to disappear into obscurity. There is a sense of time and space. Alluding to life's mysteries and ambiguities, nothing is clearly seen. An explosion and serenity may exist within one work. There will surely be different interpretations of that which is seen. That which is unseen is either intellectualized or intuitively understood.”

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Current Studio Artist

Harwood Art Center is my sanctuary and my connection to the community.  It’s unusual and amazing to have these opposing forces satisfied in one place.  The Harwood community enriches my life because of studio artists, staff, teachers, and exhibits. Through classes at the Harwood Art Center and mentoring from influential New Mexico artists, I began painting in 2005.  My paintings have been included in exhibits at the Albuquerque Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe, Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque, and Patina Gallery, in Santa Fe.

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