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2017 Exhibition Program


Hot Iron: Tucumcari Iron Pour
Participating Artists: Dana Chodzko, Chris Collins, John Robert Craft, Nathan Eyring, Elizabeth Fritzsche, D’Jean Jawrunner, Topaz Jones, Joel Kiser, Sarah Madigan, Candy Nartonis, Kenneth Peshlakai, George Salas, Robin Speas, Eleanor Trabaudo.

The Iron Pour in Tucumcari has been drawing artists from across the US since 1999. The preparation is exacting, the atmosphere exciting, and the final firing, melting, and pouring of liquid iron is intense, demanding and dramatic. Hot Iron introduces Albuquerque to a broad sample of art that is produced each year in this amazing New Mexico setting.
{main gallery}

Verge: Margaret Fitzgerald
Margaret’s paintings represent a process of channeling visceral imagery and ideas into the physical world. It is the result of everything that has come before and the challenge to keep moving forward into the unknown. Her sculptures involve an exploration into the fragility and strength of nature. The cottonwood sticks featured in Verge were gathered in the bosque during walks along the Rio Grande.
{front gallery}

Opens January 6
Runs Jan 6 – 26


Recycled Heart: The Artists of ArtStreet, Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless
Bringing the injustice of poverty and homelessness together, Recycled Heart is an exhibit, like all ArtStreet shows, that captures the diverse, distinct, and highly individual response of our artists to community-chosen themes.
ArtStreet artists work with the potential within themselves and discarded materials to create something new. Artists quickly learn to see materials in a new way-enabling them to transform raw material into artwork. The artwork highlights materials that are re-purposed and given a new perspective, much like those who are impoverished or living on the street must do with many materials and situations.

Opens February 3
Runs Feb 3 – 23


Encompass is a unique multi-generational art event that takes place annually in March. Featuring four gallery exhibitions, open artist's studios, collaborative art making projects, activities for all ages, and a large-scale site-specific commission by Reyes Padilla and Natalie Voelker, Encompass is both a reflection of and an offering to our community.

Thomas Christopher Haag, Yoshiko Shimano, Randy Barton, Carlos Contreras, Warren Montoya, Ruben Olguin, & Earl McBride 
{main gallery}

La Joya, 2017 Site Specific Commission
Reyes Padilla & Natalie Voelker

Opens Saturday, March 4 from 5 - 8pm
Runs March 4 – 30


Lee Montgomery, Jessamyn Lovell and Rudy Montgomery

The Lovegomery Family seeks practical and impractical ways to deliberately intersect art and commerce in a critically meaningful way that they can share with the public.
{main gallery}

Leo Neufeld: A Retrospective
{front gallery}

Opens April 7
Runs April 7 – 27


Christian Gallegos: TAXI!
Christian Gallegos’ vibrant paintings reflect his personal experience growing up at the intersection of the street life and art scene of New York City. The iconic yellow cab is a recurrent motif in these paintings along with the urban landscape including the graffiti / street art that has become an important part the international art world.
{main gallery}

Joanna Keane Lopez: Plantcraft
Plantcraft is an exploration of medicinal plant knowledge of the American Southwest. The installation acts in an effort to engage, educate and inspire community members and local artists of local flora, traditional remedies, storytelling, plant wisdom & communal knowledge of healing.
{front gallery}

Opens May 5
Runs May 5 – 25


Emerging Artists
Harwood Art Center's 5th annual SURFACE: Emerging Artists of New Mexico is a juried exhibition, professional development and endowed cash awards program, presented with support from Albuquerque Art Business Association (AABA) / ArtsCrawl.

Surface: Emerging Artists of New Mexico Juried Exhibition, Endowed Awards & Professional Development Program
{main gallery}

Ghost Prims by Christopher MacQueen
{front gallery}

Opens June 2
Runs June 2 - July 21


Mary Sweet: Far Places – Greenland, Shikoku, Japan and Cathedral Lake
Far Places features paintings and woodblock prints of three far-flung places in the world: Cathedral Lake, in the Maroon Wilderness of Colorado, where I have been many times including twice in 2015. Also Greenland, which I visited in August, 2016 and the Shikoku Japan, 88 Temple Trek. I hiked part of the Shikoku 88 Pilgrimage in April, 2015. To me these are three very awe-inspiring and memorable places in the world.
{main gallery}

Bob & Gloria Mallory: We Paint What We see (in space and mind)  
These paintings, Bob Mallory's water colors and Gloria Mallory's acrylics reflect them eloquently. Bob's carefully rendered built and natural structures in a subdued palette have a gentleness about them that bespeak the man–quiet, modest, intelligent and very competent. Gloria's acrylics picture her feelings about nature and intellectual explorations of the mysteries of spirit and curiosity about the infinite ways we perceive our realities. Her paintings reflect her intensity and passion to explore.
{front gallery}

Opens August 4
Runs August 4 – 24


DUALITY by Jodie Herrera
{front gallery}

Missing Persons by Collin Troy and Jodie Herrera
{main gallery}

Opens September 1
Runs September 1 – 28


S(and): Home
Participating artists include, Lea Anderson, Shawn Turung, Stephanie Lerma, Rachel Popowcer, Jessamyn Lovell, Cedra Ardec, Valerie Roybal, Angela Berkson, Dana Kleinman, Kelly Eckel, Sally Condon, Jill Christian

(S)and began out of a common desire to find support among like-minded strong women who take their art careers seriously while building our audience together. Meeting regularly, group members exchange ideas around making art and sharing it in communities together. The group proposes ideas for themed and non-themed exhibitions on a regular basis with the aim of supporting each artist in having their work seen by a wide range of audiences.
{main gallery}

Helen Cozza: Soft Geometry
Soft Geometry illustrates Helen’s interest in exploring visual ways to express the tension between nature and the constructed environment. The featured work is primarily paintings and prints, and will portray the use of the grid along with abstract representations of natural forms.
{front gallery}

Opens October 6
Runs October 6 – 26


{main gallery}

featuring Danny Hart, Eric Martinez, Eric Haskins, Candy Nartonis, Adam Billie, David Santiago, Cecilia McKinnon, Jane Gordon, & Joel Davis
{front gallery}

Opens Saturday, December 2 from 6 - 8pm
Runs December 2 – 8


2016 Anniversary Exhibition Program


Janet Shagam, Evey Jones & Harriette Tsosie
{main gallery}

The Race
Patrick Nagatani
{front gallery}

Opening Reception: Friday, January 8
Exhibitions Run: January 4 - 28, 2016


Recycled Heart
ArtStreet, Heathcare for the Homeless
{main & front galleries}

Opening Reception: Friday, February 5
Exhibitions Run: February 5 – 25


Encompass: Harwood’s 25th Anniversary Celebration
Debi Dodge
Carol Sanchez
Brooke Steiger
Matthew Eaton
Lincoln Draper
Scott Kuykendall
Dan Fuller
Elaine Roy
Jami Porter Lara
Jen DePaolo
Larry Bob Phillips
Michael Hudock
{main gallery}

The Elementary Students of Escuela del Sol Montessori
{front gallery}

At Play
Lance Ryan McGoldrick
{site-specific installation, Harwood front lawn}

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 5
Exhibitions Run: March 5 - 24


Holly Roberts and Company
Maude Andrade
Molly Geissman
Margot Geist
Michael Hudock
Suzanne Sbarge
Eleanor Trabaudo
Susan Zimmerman
{main gallery}

Art Fix: A Debut (Students of Lea Anderson & Ivan Boyd)
Anita Briscoe
Sheri Croxford
Suzy Ellis
Susan Finch
Teresa Davidson Brown
Pamela Hadas
Anne Kirk
Nancy Magnusson
Gloria Mallory
Mary Oertel-Kirschner
Joy Rosenberg
Jocelyn Salaz
Rosy Ward Poling
Margaret Weber
{front gallery}

Opening Reception: Friday, April 1
Exhibitions Run:  April 1 – 28


Traversing the Edges
Bryce Hample, Niya Lee & Myriam Tapp
{main gallery}

Romance & Necessary Fictions
Maude Andrade & Tanesia Hale-Jones
{front gallery}

Opening Reception: Friday, May 6
Exhibitions Run: May 6 – 26

June & July

Surface: Emerging Artists of New Mexico
{main gallery}

2015 Solo Exhibition Award Winner
Julia Lambright
{front gallery}

Opening Reception: Friday, June 3
Exhibitions Run:  June 3 – July 22


The Path Made by Walking
Susie Protiva & Mark Horst
{main gallery}

Hall of Records: Uncovered & Unbound
Juliana Coles
{front gallery}

Opening Reception: Friday, August 5
Exhibitions Run:  August 5-25


Arts & Social Justice
Latent Image Collective: Home / Abroad
Nick Tauro Jr. & Karen Mazur
{main gallery}

Arts & Social Justice
Erin Currier
{front gallery}

Social Justice
Jane Gordon
{site specific installation}

Opening Reception: Friday, September 2
Exhibitions Run: September 2 - 29


Frank McCulloch
{main gallery}

A Sense of Place
John Garrett & Alan Paine Radebaugh
{front gallery}

Opening Reception: Friday, October 7
Exhibitions Run:  October 7 – 27


{main gallery}

{front gallery}

Stephanie Lerma & Shawn Turung
{site specific installation}

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 3
Exhibitions Run: November 15 – December 16


{main gallery}

{front gallery}

Stephanie Lerma & Shawn Turung
{site specific installation}

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 3
Exhibitions Run: November 15 – December 16


Susan Klebanoff

Susan Klebanoff

Former Resident Artist

I had the good fortune to be an artist at the Harwood Art Center from 1996 – 2005. It was wonderful being in a community of artists that were so creative and supportive of each other. Having just arrived in NM in ’96, it was particularly meaningful for me because I did not know anyone in this state, and it enabled me to create immediate friendships with like minded people. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work at Harwood and believe that the [Harwood] Art Center is vital to the neighboring community.

Susan Klebanoff is an internationally recognized contemporary tapestry artist who lives and works in Albuquerque. She kept a studio at Harwood Art Center from 1996 – 2005.

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