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Jami Porter Lara

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Jami Porter Lara

wood-fired clay
12"x4"x3 1/4"

Value: $700
Opening Bid: $300

If you cannot make it to 12x12, you can still place your bids via phone.  Call (505) 331-6214.

About Jami:

Jami Porter Lara is a contemporary artist whose interests range from sculpture to drawing to social social practice. She is best known for her hand-built ceramic vessels that combine the ancient techniques of pueblo pottery with the contemporary iconography of the plastic bottle. Her work is widely collected and has been featured in the PBS arts series Colores! and in American Art Collector Magazine. Recent exhibitions include the Albuquerque Museum of Art and Art History and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. She is represented by Central Features Contemporary Art in Albuquerque and by Stephanie Breitbard Fine Arts in San Francisco.

"My recent works engage the ancient techniques of pueblo potters to create sculpture inspired by the most iconic and ubiquitous vessel of our time: the plastic bottle.

Like my teachers, Mata Ortiz potters Graciela and Hector Gallegos, I make containers the way they have been made in the desert southwest for over two thousand years. I dig clay from a site south of Albuquerque, then soak, strain, and dry it. I hand-build the vessels out of coils, burnish them with a smooth stone, and fire in a scrap-wood bonfire in my front yard. I do not use a wheel, glazes, or a kiln.

I consider the project a kind of reverse archaeology: digging into the present and future using tools of the past."



Current Studio Artist

Harwood Art Center is my sanctuary and my connection to the community.  It’s unusual and amazing to have these opposing forces satisfied in one place.  The Harwood community enriches my life because of studio artists, staff, teachers, and exhibits. Through classes at the Harwood Art Center and mentoring from influential New Mexico artists, I began painting in 2005.  My paintings have been included in exhibits at the Albuquerque Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe, Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque, and Patina Gallery, in Santa Fe.

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