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Summer Art Camp

Summer Art Camp Course Descriptions

In order to keep our programming fresh, innovative and exciting, our specific classes change from summer to summer.




*Please note, all classes are subject to change.


Session 1: June 5 - June 16, 2017

Grades 1 – 2
Weaving, Color Explorers, Drawing with Light: Cyanotypes
Afternoon: Theater: Create Your Own Play, Magnificent Multiples: Printmaking, Zootopia: 3D Sculpture

Grades 2 - 3
Morning: Color Explorers, Creative Weaving, Theater: Create Your Own Play
Afternoon: Drawing with Light: Cyanotypes, Height / Length / Width: 3D Sculpture, Magnificent Multiples: Printmaking

Grades 4 - 5
Morning: Basketry Weaving, Comic Creations
Afternoon: Living Sculpture, Mixed Media Madness!

Grades 6 – 9
Morning: ScreenPrint, Murals
Afternoon: Mixed Media Madness!, Living Sculpture


Session 2: June 19 – June 30, 2017

Grades 1 – 2

Morning: Ceramics & Sculpture, Print / Weave / Print / Weave, Creative Movement
Afternoon: Drawing Past The Lines, Theater: Masks & Playmaking, Art Comes to Life: Puppets

Grades 2 – 3
Morning: Print / Weave / Print / Weave, Ceramics & Sculpture, Painting: The Mighty Brush
Afternoon: Creative Movement, Art Comes to Life: Puppets, Theater: Masks & Playmaking

Grades 4 – 5
Morning: Mandalas, Comic Creatiions
Afternoon: Theater: Making A Musical, Basketry Weaving

Grades 6 – 9
Morning: Power Painting, Self Portrait Stencils
Afternoon: New Media (film / video), Theater: Create Your Own Play


Session 3: July 5 – July 15, 2017*

*There will be no camp Monday & Tuesday, July 3 & 4

Grades 1 – 3

Morning: Basketry Weaving, Temporary & Ethereal Art: Mixed Media, Creative Movement
Afternoon: Earth / Sky / Water: Painting, Art Comes to Life: Puppets, Theater: Masks & Playmaking

Grades 3 – 5
Comic Creations, Basketry Weaving, Paper Craft
Afternoon: Creative Movement, Lost & Found: Mixed Media, Art Comes to Life: Puppets

Grades 6 – 9
Morning: Printmaking, Power Painting
Afternoon: Animation Exploration, Theater: Write Your Own Play


Session 4: July 17 – July 28

Grades 1 – 2
Creative Weaving, Painterly Prints, Creative Movement
Afternoon: Height / Length / Width: 3D Sculpture, Creative Drama, Perfect Paper Pizazz!

Grades 2 – 3
Morning: Painterly Prints, Creative Weaving, Height / Length / Width: 3D Sculpture
Afternoon: Creative Movement, Perfect Paper Pizazz!, Creative Drama

Grades 3 – 4
Morning: Zines, Recycled Book Making
Afternoon: Theater: Make Your Own Play, The Mighty Brush: Painting

Grades 4 – 5
Comic Creations, Magnificent Multiples: Printmaking
Afternoon: Painting / Drawing & Mark Making, Paper Craft

Grades 6 – 9
New Media (film / video), Comic Creations
Afternoon: Animation Exploration, Theater: Improv!



(Listed in alphabetical order by class title)

Animation Exploration - Norah Solorzano
In this class we will explore animation techniques, including stop motion and digital editing. Bring the world around you to life with a variety of experimental animation techniques.

Art Comes to Life: Puppets - Allyson Packer
Making and performing with puppets is an ancient art form. In this class, we'll explore several different styles of puppets, including shadow puppets and paper-mâché marionettes. We'll focus on both making and performing with our puppets, creating works of art that come to life!

Basketry Weaving - Shawna Sunrise
In this class, we will be using mix media items to weave different styles of baskets.  We will begin with basic construction paper weaving. Next we will gather weaving pieces from outside along with and recycled box ties, wicker pieces and create a basket with a base. The final project will be rope coiling basket weaving. Each child will learn the process of basic basketry.

Ceramics & Sculpture - Rachel Zollinger
In this class we will explore the 3D world! We’ll learn basic hand building techniques with clay, discover the versatility of recycled materials and construct mixed media sculptures.

Color Explorers - Rachel Zollinger
In this class we will explore color in new, alternative ways of art making and artistic expression with action, motion and gesture.

Comic Creations - Arden Hendrie
Students will write and draw their own short comic in this class. We’ll look at different types of comics and the many ways of you can make them. Students should come to the first class with two or three different ideas for a comic they would like to create.

Creative Weaving - Pearl Sunrise
Each child will explore different forms of weaving beginning with simple forms of Osage finger weaving and several forms of tapestry weaving, ultimately incorporating the woven pieces into functional projects or pieces.

Creative Movement - April Parrish
Welcome to the Art of Creative Movement enriched with unique opportunities for making rhythmic instruments, poetry and paint with all natural earth pigments in an integrated arts approach. Each group of adventurers will be guided through the empowering process of collaboration as they bring their original presentations to life!

Drawing Past The Lines - Michael Certo
The class will learn new ways to see, to observe and then to create drawings. The first step: draw what you are seeing. Second: draw what you have seen before. Final step: draw what you only imagine and have never seen.

Drawing with Light: Cyanotype - Jazmyn Crosby
In this alternative photography class we will explore the cyanotype method of drawing with light, which produces a blue image. We will use found objects, paper and, transparency to produce pictures on a range of materials, including paper, fabric, and clothing. We will also be creating a 3 dimensional object.

Earth, Sky & Water: Painting - Michael Certo
This class concerns creating paintings inspired by Nature, the landscape around us and the horizon in the distance. As we paint we will notice certain patterns, colors and textures throughout our natural world.

Height, Length & Width: 3D Sculpture - Michael Certo
In this class we will explore creating expressively in three dimensions. Students will learn basic building skills, how to combine different materials, shapes and textures in the world of sculpture.

Living Sculpture - Ruben Olguin
Living Sculpture is an exploration of plants, and earth as an art medium. Learn about seeds and plants, build your own adobe Chia Pet and grow living plants out of earth sculptures. Activities include, drawing and sculpting with seeds, clay, rocks, sand, and volcanic ash.

Lost and Found: Mixed Media - Michael Certo
What can't you use to make art? We will make some mixed media marvels out of the "lost and found" materials all around us. I encourage the untraditional in our approach to art making.

Magnificent Multiples: Printmaking - Allyson Packer / Katie Doyle
Printmaking gives us a way to take one drawing and make many pieces of art! In this class, we'll use our original drawings as a starting point to explore different printmaking techniques. We'll learn to make collographs, stencils, monoprints and more, transforming one great drawing into magnificent multiples!

Mandalas - Joseph Baca
In this session students will explore Mandalas created by various cultures from around the world. Students will learn how to create Mandalas using Radial Symmetry. Learn about colored pencil techniques and then how to create multiples of the design with Foam Plate Engravings.

Mixed Media Madness! - Meredith Chapman
In this class we will explore: paper marbling, book arts, collage, sculpture, and more! This class will be an exciting adventure through a variety of mediums, styles, and artistic thought. We will work with simple materials to create complex and beautiful works of art.

Murals - Shawn Turung
Students will collaborate on ideas and execute a full size mural. No previous experience in painting or mural making necessary. Dedication is highly encouraged. Creating murals are fun and students will learn some basic painting techniques, design and color theory, while exploring ideas about life, community and joy.

New Media (film & video) - Shawna Sunrise
In this class, we will learn how to develop a story that can be shot and edited on IMovie. We will first begin by marking on 16 mm film leader that we will feed into a projector to show how film was made before video. Next we will put together small flip books to get the idea of motion. Finally we will write mini - script ideas that we can shoot in groups and edit into short film.

Painterly Print! - Meredith Chapman
Printing can be painterly. Painting can be... well... printerly! In this class we will explore painting and printmaking in many different styles (conventional and non-conventional) to create a variety of exciting and complex artworks.

Painting, Drawing, and Mark Making - Jazmyn Crosby
In this class we will explore painting, drawing. This class will strengthen skills and invigorate new ways of thinking about image and mark making. For this course we will make images from our imagination and from the real world, we will work independently and collaboratively, and much more!

Paper Craft: Mechanisms & Simple Machines - Norah Solorzano
In this class we will experiment with creations made out of paper materials. We will use these basic materials to create simple working machines and mechanisms - from pop-up books, to origami, to catapults, to automata.

Perfect Paper Pizazz! - Harley Kirschner
In this class, we will make our own beautiful papers from scratch, incorporating fibers, vintage ephemera, even seeds (to make paper that grows!). Students will learn several book forms, including a hardcover journal and a wearable tiny book necklace.

Power Painting! - Arden Hendrie
This class explores painting processes with a focus on experimentation--what happens when we follow our impulses and instincts, even if it might mean messing up? We’ll use acrylic paints and work on large surfaces with a variety traditional and non-traditional painting tools.

Print, Weave, Print, Weave - Meredith Chapman
This fantastic exploration of two very different, in yet very similar mediums will excite the artist in anyone! In this class we will explore simple printmaking techniques such as monotype, collagraph, and marbling. We will also explore easy weaving techniques with paper and fiber.

Recycled Book Making - Jazmyn Crosby
We will transform and personalize old books into new books. This will be a predominantly painting and drawing based course with elements of story telling and poetry. We will make pop up books, tell stories, make collaborative drawings, and paint.

ScreenPrint - James Black
In this class, we will explore the many methods of printmaking, learning special tools and engage with a printing press. We’ll learn techniques such as monoprints, screenprint and stenciling. We’ll use spoons to hand- print and experiment with bruning screens to create amazing posters, stickers, and even t-shirts!

Self Portrait Stencils - Joseph Baca
Learn how to create stencils from photographs! Students will learn basic techniques of creating stencils. Students will also learn basic air-brush techniques using watercolor and acrylic paints.

Temporary & Ethereal Art: Mixed Media - Jazmyn Crosby
Temporary And Ethereal Art will explore art that changes over time. It may be that the work is destroyed, or transformed, or preserved. For this course we will make piñatas, send post cards, and work with organic and fragile materials.

The Mighty Brush: Painting - Michael Certo
The class will learn to use the tools of painting: line, stroke, tone and color to express their creativity. We will focus on the "how" rather than the "what," the power of the process of paint to evoke feeling in the viewer.

Zines - Allyson Packer / Katie Doyle
Create and publish your own magazine! "Zines" are small handmade magazines and they're a popular DIY way to share writing, art, comics or anything else you can put on paper. In this class, we'll learn about collage and book construction while designing and printing zines to trade with friends.

Zootopia: 3D Sculpture - Michael Certo
We will populate a zoo of our own design with fantastic 3-D creatures. Students will unleash their imaginations in the world of small-scale sculpture and design their very own environments full of whimsical residents.


Create Your Own Play - Blackout Theatre Company
In this class, we are going to create our own play to perform at the end of the session! It might be a sketch comedy show, it might be a fairy tale fable, the class gets to decide. In this class, students get to act, write, design, and collaborate!

Masks & Playmaking - Blackout Theatre Company
In this class, we will make up our own scenes or plays to act out at the end of the session. We will also create masks to help us develop characters and tell our stories.

Making A Musical - Blackout Theatre Company
In this class, we will learn how to create and perform our own musical at the end of the session. We will learn about songwriting, playwriting, acting, and how to put it all together to create our own musical extravaganza.

Improv! - Blackout Theatre Company
In this class, we are going to learn how to create our own improv show to be performed at the end of the session. We'll be making our own "Who's Line is it Anyway," learning how to think fast, be silly, and work together.

Creative Drama - Blackout Theatre Company
During this class, we are going to learn to tell stories on the stage! We will play lots of fun acting games, develop characters, practice telling stories, and maybe even make up a few of our own to show at the end of the session.


Kris Mills

Former Studio Artist

I was in Harwood’s very first show called Road To Chaos, organized by Jeff Kruger. My dog, Micro, was also in that show eating 30 hot dogs in a performance piece by Bryan Konefsky. I had two studios at two different times. The most recemt, I used the studio to do serigraphy with my collaborative friend Tom Loeb. LThe first time, I used the studio to make sculpture. Harwood has given me many opportunities to show my own art and curate shows about the work my community, Albuquerque makes.  My dog Pablo and I are in and out of Harwood’s doors a lot because I now live in the neighborhood.

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