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Summer Art Camp

Summer Art Camp Course Descriptions

In order to keep our programming fresh, innovative and exciting, our specific classes change from summer to summer.


*Please note, all classes are subject to change.

Session 1: June 4 - June 15, 2018

Group A (Grades 1 – 2)
Morning: Creative Weaving / African Adventure / Creative Movement
Afternoon: Capturing Light: A Photography Class / Theatre: Storybook Adventure / The Illustrated Story

Group B (Grades 2 - 3)
Morning: Sculpture & Assemblage / Creative Weaving / Crazy Cool Ceramics
Afternoon: Creative Movement / The Illustrated Story / Create Your Own Play

Group C (Grades 4 - 5)
Morning: Patterns in Ceramics / Movie Making
Afternoon: Superheroes & Comic Books / Photography

Teen Arts (Grades 6 – 9)
Morning: Trashion Fashion / Patterns in Ceramics
Afternoon: Photography / Radio Arts


Session 2: June 18 – June 29, 2018

Group A (Grades 1 – 2
Wax, Bubbles & The Sun / Master of Puppets / Creative Movement
Afternoon: Masks & Theatre / Look, Draw, Paint / The Embellished Self-Portrait

Group B (Grades 2 – 3)
Morning: Master of Puppets / Wax, Bubbles & The Sun / Watercolor Painting
Afternoon: Creative Movement / The Embellished Portrait / Building Forms in Gravity

Group C (Grades 4 – 5)
Morning: Ceramics Worlds / Paper Sculptures, Paper Cutouts
Afternoon: Transformative Fibers / Improv

Teen Arts (Grades 6 – 9)
Morning: Cardboard Cutouts & Construction / Ceramics Worlds
Afternoon: TBD / Shadow Puppets


Session 3: July 2 – July 13, 2018*

*There will be no camp Wednesday, July 4

Group A (Grades 1 – 3
Fashion / Having Fun with Color / Creative Movement
Afternoon: Size & Perception / Exploring Drawing & Painting / Create Your Own Play

Group B (Grades 3 – 5)
Morning: Having Fun with Color / Fashion / Size & Perception
Afternoon: Creative Movement / Puppet Theatre / Painting Outside the Box

Teen Arts (Grades 6 – 9)
Morning: Paper Sculpture / Botanic Ceramics
Afternoon: Conscious Culture / Printmaking


Session 4: July 16 – July 27

Group A (Grades 1 – 2)
Creative Weaving / Science in Art / Creative Movement
Afternoon: No New Objects / Puppets for Hands & Tables / Drawing from Imagination

Group B (Grades 2 – 3)
Morning: Science in Art / Creative Weaving / No New Objects
Afternoon: Creative Movement / Abstraction from Reality / Puppets for Hands & Tables

Group C (Grades 3 – 4)
Morning: Egyptian Mystery / Create Your Own Play
Afternoon: Printmaking / Ceramics

Group D (Grades 4 – 5)
Morning: Identity in Ceramics / Cardboard Cutouts & Construction
Afternoon: Reimagination: Installation Art / Printmaking

Teen Arts (Grades 6 – 9)
Morning: Wood Sculpture Assemblage / Identity in Ceramics
Afternoon: Improv / Animation Exploration



Classes are listed in alphabetical order by class title.

Abstracting From Reality – Michael Certo
We will explore the language of abstraction and non-objective drawing and painting. Using mixed media painting and drawing tools and techniques the students will refine their expression in the realm of abstraction. The formal elements of composition, line, color, tone and surface texture will be honed.

African Adventure – Loreen LaBarre
Our journey takes us to the endless wonders of Africa. Using cardboard, paper mache, air dry clay and paint, campers will sculpt lions, giraffes, zebras, and elephants. Make an exotic ceremonial mask, jewelry and other crafts inspired by ancient tribal customs.

Egyptian Mystery – Loreen LaBarre
Make treasures to rival the Pharaohs as we explore 3D art making techniques as we wrap mummies and make a sarcophagus. We’ll paint hieroglyphics and create Egyptian scarabs and beads. Don’t miss this two-week art extravaganza! If you're interested in Ancient Egypt, you’ll love this workshop!

Animation Exploration – Norah Solorzano
In this class we will explore animation techniques, including stop motion and digital editing. Bring the world around you to life with a variety of experimental animation techniques.

Botanic Ceramics – Helen Atkins
In this class we will create functional ceramics inspired by nature. Students will make botanical shaped dishes and various planters. They will learn a variety of ceramic making techniques while exploring their environment. They will also make tiles for a collaborative mosaic!

Building Forms in Gravity – Michael Certo
This class will introduce 3D building techniques with a focus on small sculptures and creating stable constructions against the force of gravity. A variety of mixed media materials will be employed to create expressive, sculptural works of art.

Capturing Light: A Photography Class – Jazmyn Crosby
In this class we will examine several different ways to make a photograph, looking at different ways of drawing with light, analog photography, photo-trasher, digital photography and more!

Cardboard Cutouts & Construction – CB Bryan
Grab your cardboard out of the recycling and let's make a sculpture! This class explores techniques in attachment, color and texture in order to create big and small, totally out of the ordinary objects out of cardboard. We will start inside with giant self-portrait masks and finish with installations outside.

Ceramics – Jordyn Bernicke
In this class, we will explore many different types of clay building and sculpting. We will also collaborate on a tile mosaic project that many of the students throughout the entire summer will contribute to.

Ceramics Worlds – Helen Atkins
In this class we will use clay to create functional and decorative ceramics. Students will create their own world, fictional or realistic, and make maps, sculpted houses, and creatures to describe and inhabit their land. They will also make tiles for a collaborative mosaic!

Conscious Culture – Katie Doyle
Students will go on a series of walks and collect objects from their own environments. They will use their notebooks to draw, write, or doodle their reflections. We will translate their field notes into artist books, maps, small three-dimensional objects, and/or prints.

Crazy Cool Ceramics – Jordyn Bernicke
In this class, we will explore and practice a variety of ceramic making techniques! We'll make pinch-pot monsters, create sculptures, funky clay beaded jewelry and unique ceramic tiles for a collaborative mosaic. By sculpting, the use of color and collaboration, students will create beautiful and personal works of art.

Create Your Own Play – Blackout Theatre
Students will work together to create an original play. We will play lots of games to build trust within the group and focus on collaboration as we explore elements of playwriting, acting, directing, designing and more! The class will culminate in a final performance of a short original play.

Creative Movement / Dance as Storytelling
Welcome to the Art of Dance as Storytelling! This class will provide an integrated arts approach to creative movement enriched with pantomime and poetry. Each session will provide fresh opportunities for campers to discover and expand their own natural skills in movement to convey original stories for presentation.

Creative Weaving – Pearl Sunrise
The children will explore with weaving beginning with simple finger weaving, Osage finger weaving, simple forms of tapestry weaving, and incorporating the woven pieces into functional projects.

Drawing From Imagination – Michael Certo
Introduction to drawing techniques aimed at unleashing the imagination. The class will focus on mark-making, expression, and using a variety of drawing media. Students will engage in several innovative drawing games to broaden their means of expression.

Exploring Drawing & Painting – Michael Certo
We will explore a great range of drawing and painting techniques in this class. Starting with contour, and negative space drawings we will learn viewing techniques and mark-making strategies. Later we will transition to expressing 2-D representations of three-dimensional models with an eye on expressive painting.

Having Fun with Color – Jonathan Parks
In this class we will explore color theory, color fields, and learn how to make pastel washes, create bubble prints, and master marbling effects. Learn about color and how they interact.

Identity in Ceramics – Helen Atkins
In this class we explore notions of identity through ceramics. Students will create self portraits, masks, and sculptures inspired by the human form and identity. We will also make ceramic tiles for a collaborative mosaic.

Improv – Blackout Theatre
Students will learn the fundamentals of improv. Students will learn through a series of games how to think fast on their feet and create comedic scenes based on audience suggestions. The class will end with a final demonstration of the improv games we have learned.

Look, Draw, Paint – Michael Certo
The students will practice drawing from the three-dimensional models, mark-making, shading, and expression. The class will learn basic techniques using a variety of media for beginning drawing and painting.

Masks & Theatre – Blackout Theatre
In this class we will create masks and explore storytelling through movement and role-play. Students will create a mask and develop an original story to tell and perform for their final showing.

Master of Puppets – Lila Martinez
In this class, students will design "Muppet" style hand puppets using DIY techniques. Using their puppets and their imaginations, we will create a performance on the last day of class.

Movie Making – Blackout Theatre
In this class, students will learn how to create their own original films. We will discuss filmmaking techniques and explore different styles and genres of film. Students will practice screenwriting, cinematography, acting, and directing. The class will end with a DVD of the students work.

No New Objects – Jazmyn Crosby
No New Objects is a class that explores using materials that have already been used to create new things! For this class we will be making Shrinky-Dinks, Flags, and assorted sculptures!

Painting Outside The Box – Michael Certo
What is a good painting? How can an ugly painting teach you more? We will look at the formal elements of painting: composition, line, color, and brushwork to explore conventions of art making. We will also break the rules to see what amazing surprises can teach us.

Paper Sculpture – CB Bryan
Cut, bend, fold, paint, collage, glue and attach paper pieces to create sculptures. This class will involve many methods including: cardboard construction, papier mache, painting, scoring and cutting. Find new ways to transform your 2D thing into a 3D thing!

Paper Sculptures, Paper Cut-Outs – CB Bryan
This class will explore the many ways to turn a flat piece of paper into a three dimensional form. We will paint paper to incorporate in to all our projects, which will include: papier mache animal masks, bowls, a collaborative wall mural, and various free form cut paper sculptures.

Patterns in Ceramics – Helen Atkins
In this class we will use clay to create functional and decorative ceramics that combine 2D and 3D art making techniques. Students will make dishes, jewelry, and tiles that are sculpted and embellished with their own designs. They will also make tiles for a collaborative mosaic!

Photography – Alexa Wheeler (Session 1, Group C)
In this class students will explore photography by doing hands-on projects including cyanotypes, photograms, and darkroom printing. The class will focus on photography as an art form and some history of photography will be introduced.

Photography – Alexa Wheeler (Session 1, Teen Arts)
In this class students will explore photography by doing hands-on projects including photograms, pinhole cameras, 35mm film & camera basics, and darkroom printing. The class will focus on photography as an art form and the history of photography will be introduced.

Printmaking – Dio Cramer (Session 3, Teen Arts)
This class will explore some of the essential practices of printmaking with techniques like stamps, stencils, monoprints, and linocuts. We will print first on paper and then on fabric as we experiment with wearable prints and dive into the wonderful world of printmaking!

Printmaking – Katie Doyle (Session 4, Group D)
Students will learn basic printmaking skills in addition to new ways of exploring use of colors, materials, acetate overlay, inkblot, and collage.

Printmaking – Katie Doyle (Session 4, Group C)
Students will learn a basic overview of printmaking. We will explore monoprints, sunprints, scratch foam, block printing, and spend time experimenting with combining methods.

Puppet Theatre – Blackout Theatre
Students will use various materials to make different kinds of puppets and masks for their final performance. Students will learn storytelling techniques and use their own puppets to present a play.

Puppets for Hands & Tables – Cecilia McKinnon
In this class, we will explore small-scale puppetry, both by building our own puppets and using found objects to tell stories on table-top stages. We will build our own hand puppets with fabric and papier-mache, and will animate everyday items and small toys, creating short stories and puppet shows.

Radio Arts – Jazmyn Crosby
In this class we will explore radio transmission, and themes around site-specific transmission, effective verbal description, sound and what it can communicate, what is journalism, and what are radio dramas!

Reimagination: Installation Art – Norah Solorzano
In this installation class we invite students to reimagine and reshape the space they inhabit, using found materials to create interactive artworks.

Science In Art – Jonathan Parks
In this class, we will explore the use of science, technology and mathematics to create artwork. We will incorporate scribble writers, geometric paper sculpture, mix colors with the sun, origami, paper tessellations and thaumatropes into our projects. And we'll work together, combining what we've learned into larger art works!

Sculpture & Assemblage – Loreen LaBarre
Learn the basic techniques of sculpture. Explore the work of master sculptors like Louise Nevelson, Alexander Calder, Alberto Giacometti and others. Learn about their methods and techniques to inspire your own creations. Assemble paper, wood, plaster and found objects to create a variety of sculptures.

Shadow Puppets – Cecilia McKinnon
In this class we will be learning how to create fantastic shapes and puppets using only light and shadows, and will explore different ways of making shadow images through paper cut-outs, transparencies, our own bodies, and more!

Size & Perception – Jazmyn Crosby
Size & Perception is a class exploring different sizes from large to small, flat to round, 2D to 3D, this class will play with scale in many different ways!

Storybook Adventure – Blackout Theatre
Students will experience stories through movement and crafts. For each story, students will create to have a take-home as a reminder of the lessons we learn from the characters in the story. After reading other stories, we will develop storytelling abilities to share our own story in a final performance.

Superheroes & Comic Books – Katie Doyle
Students will create their own superhero, including (inked) concept art and written backstory. They will create an illustrated nine-page comic book about their superhero/heroine’s adventures.

The Embellished Self Portrait – Harley Kirschner
What makes you, you? In this class students will explore self-portrait in both the literal sense and the metaphorical sense. Using costume design, photography, painting, collage and found object embellishment students will define and create themselves in their own vision.

The Illustrated Story – Harley Kirschner
A picture is worth a thousand words. In this class students will create an illustrated story from start to finish. We will explore different styles of bookmaking, collage, pop-ups and pull-outs to make our stories interactive and multidimensional.

Transformative Fibers – Cecilia McKinnon
In this class, we will be exploring how to use familiar and mundane materials to tell stories about our lives. We will repurpose used fabrics, such as clothing, sheets, and more, and transform them into soft sculptures and other new artworks using techniques including appliqué, rope-making, crochet, and more.

Trashion Fashion – Lila Martinez
In this class, students tap into their creativity while reinforcing the concepts of conservation and recycling. Students will be working with recycled materials to build a dress form, a garment and debut it in a "fashion show" for family and friends.

Watercolor Painting – Loreen LaBarre
Students will be introduced to the watercolor medium using traditional approaches and color theory. Using both liquid watercolor and pan paints we will explore different techniques such as wet-into-wet, wet-on-dry, resist painting and more.

Wax, Bubbles & the Sun – Jonathan Parks
Participants will use non-traditional printmaking techniques, methods and mediums, to open up their minds to new possibilities. Original drawings will be a starting point to the exploration of printing. We'll take advantage of negative space and learn to make monoprints using wax, and more! (Encaustic monoprints, bubble prints, sunprints).

Wood Sculpture Assemblage – CB Bryan
This class explores techniques for assemblage construction. Assemblages are like 3D collages and often use an array of materials! We will focus on creating works with wood, taking inspiration from artists: Betty Parsons, Louise Nevelson, Jean Arp and Richard Tuttle. Students are encouraged to bring their own funky objects!


John Garrett
John Garrett


I seem to have known about Harwood Art Center since I moved to Albuquerque in 1996. I have always enjoyed seeing the exhibits there and visiting the studios when they are open to the public. I have taken a couple of classes there, and this last year I have taught a class there myself. This last spring I also had an exhibit of my wire sculptures and wall works at Harwood. I am pleased to contribute work which supports the work of the [Harwood] Art Center.

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