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These are our amazing 2014 Harvest Artists! We still have a couple shares left, purchase yours today > 

Harvest CSA

Our Inaugural 2014 Harvest CSA Artists represent some of New Mexico's most visionary. We were honored to receive their submissions (along with 50 others!), and we are thrilled to include them in last year's program. We still have a couple shares left, purchase yours today >

Lea Anderson, Rio Rancho, NM

Lea Anderson has discovered much during her adventures in the dramatic, colorful, and wild New Mexico environment. She creates living, philosophical worlds that echo the variations seen in natural systems. These themes are explored through individual works, full-scale, ambitious mixed media installations, group projects, and solo exhibitions using a wide variety of both digital and traditional media. She has exhibited throughout the United States as well as internationally in Bangkok, Thailand in 2010. She was awarded “Albuquerque Local Treasure” in 2010. In 2013, Anderson was guest curator for the exhibition Flatlanders and Surface Dwellers at 516 ARTS in Albuquerque.

My art is like a visual seed that is planted in the observer’s eye, taking root in his/her mind. This generative process is guided by what I consider to be a living, visual language that is given substance by the anamorphic forms I create. The pieces exhibit organic or biological characteristics, and can be compared to marine life, microbes, or fungi. The fertile forms expand and pulse with life, their bodies seeming to mutate and spread. Rather than a translator of their cultural presence, I see my job as a keeper, even a breeder, of these living polysemic entities.

Harvest CSA Project DescriptionFor "Harvest", I will create a series of small (approximately softball-sized) mixed-media (hanging and wall-based) sculptural/ornamental "CURIOSITIES" that combine three-dimensional components, collage, drawing, painting, and other media. These visually fascinating, miniature organic worlds will serve to surprise and spark the imagination of the curious, creating a visual experience that is both delightfully beautiful and a bit creepy, much like living and/or organic curiosities found in nature.

Jill Christian,
Albuquerque, NM

Jill Christian is a visual artist working in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She holds an MFA from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University as well as BFA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an MBA from the University of New Mexico.    Having spent time on the water growing up in Massachusetts, she finds parallels between the ocean and the great expanses of distance and sky in New Mexico.  Drawing inspiration from rhythms and patterns in the landscape, her current work is about the expressive potential of repeated marks, which provide a connection to the transcendent.

Inspired by light and color in the landscape, Jill Christian’s recent paintings present fields of brushstrokes that fill the canvas with subtly shifting colors. Working within the structure of repetition and reduction, these process-driven, meditative paintings create rhythmic patterns that invite quiet contemplation of their surfaces.

Harvest CSA Project Description: The plants that grace our yards, homes, and tables give to us physically, spiritually, and aesthetically, not only through smell and taste, but through their form and color.  They give us beauty, and if we take a moment, a connection with the rhythms and cycles of our lives.  For the Harvest CSA, I will be creating abstract paintings based on the colors of the summer and fall harvests: the purple-red of beets, the vibrant red of radishes, the lovely yellows and greens of summer squash.  I hope to give each CSA member a small remembrance of the gifts of summer.

Christy Cook, Albuquerque, NM

Christy Cook is a practicing musical performer and songwriter based in the Albuquerque area.  She co-founded and plays with two local bands; the Albuquerque Boys Choir (an all female trio) and Cactus Tractor (a 5-7 part bohemian-pop folk-disco group).  She loves collaborating with other artists and has added her voice, stilt-walking ability, drawing skill and hula-horn playing to a diversity of southwestern community projects including: Gatas Y Vatas, Titwrench, Circo Latino, a smorgasbord of original house shows (i.e. "the Waffluck" = a waffle potluck concert) and musical tours including Cactus Tractor's "Tour of the U.S. in the shape of Yemen."

I wrote my first song in a tree when I was 6 years old.  It was very short and about a bird.  My songs are still about birds and I still write in trees but over the last five years I've turned a personal songwriting practice into a public art of song-performance!  Sharing my work has enhanced and deepened it immensely.  My songs grow wiser and get crowsfeet around their eyes from smiling.  As an artist I can't imagine anything better than to witness the life of a song, and to see it flying back to me wrinkled and grinning.

Harvest CSA Project Description: I will create a limited-edition musical album.  This album will feature seven to ten original songs which I will write and record between the months of October and March.  Although it will be a solo project I will heartily enlist (and credit!) musical support to increase the beauty and depth of the work. The album will be accompanied by cover-art and booklettry which I will design and illustrate.

Leslie Holland, Santa Fe, NM

Painter Leslie Holland holds a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA from the University of New Mexico. She is a recipient of a fellowship to Vermont Studio Center, Harry Nadler Fellowship Award and Marion & Kathryn Crissey Emerging Artist Award in 2008. Selections from her exhibition Your Gold at SCA Contemporary were curated by art critic David Pagel for Reasons, Excuses, Alibis and NonSequiturs at UNM Art Museum and filmed for AMC’s Breaking Bad. Her works hang in private collections nationally in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Chicago, Boston and New York.

I am a painter who seeks to establish allegory via execution of a unique symbolic language. Underwriting the work is inquiry into the relationship between force and nuance, luminescence and concealment, tension and respiration. Pieces are obliquely figurative, investigating architecture, landscape, position, scale, and most especially the resonance of color. Carved by line and organized by sequences of razing and stacking, paintings house concrete and numinal regions which serve to ponder the strange and inscrutable. Underpinning all images is photography. With it, I am able to articulate critical aspects of memory and metaphor brought to bear in my work.

Harvest CSA Project Description: Inspired by a photograph taken in April 2013, the suite of 56 paintings will revolve around one central theme: the eclipse of the moon, or Pink Moon, which took place in springtime. Each work will be executed in oil paint and shall depict an abstraction of the original image, demonstrating subtle shifts or calibrations from piece to piece of an evolving non-objective lexicon. The series will investigate diversity in surface tension and draftsmanship in order to address the question: what is the difference between drawing and painting?

Kathleen McCord, 
Los Lunas, NM

After working for over 20 years in the computer field, artist K. McCord moved to New Mexico from the left coast in 2004 to start a second life and pursue a life-long dream of becoming a practicing artist. Earning a BFA / Art Studio from UNM in 2012, concentrating in ceramic sculpture, the artist exited the university with hands happily covered in clay. For the graduating solo show, McCord exhibited several life-sized figurative sculptures evoking powerful and mythical roles of women across cultures and time. Since that show, the artist's works have down-shifted to a more intimate, hand-held size.

All my sculptures involve communion between my self and the self of the clay. Each piece becomes imbued with its own spirit of life as soon as it starts to take form. The process of non-verbal articulation, of using my hands and simple tools to transform malleable, living clay from unspoken vision lurking below the surface of conscious intent into an expression of emotion and meaning, is always a process of discovery, surprise, and recognition. The purpose of my current work in small busts is to express complex, multi-layered emotions and imagined narratives through simple gestures and thought-provoking facial expressions.

Harvest CSA Project Description: This series of small signed ceramic busts, each created from 16 oz. of stoneware, is bisque fired, enhanced with an oxide wash to accentuate sculptural lines and surface textural elements, then high fired to vitrify the clay, forming a permanent bond between the oxides and the clay body.    Inspired by Daumier's bronze heads, these small busts aim to capture complicated, multi-faceted emotional states, to generate imagined narratives, to make the observer wonder what the subject was thinking ... and why.

Larry Bob Phillips, Albuquerque, NM

Larry Bob Phillips, born near Amarillo, Texas, studied with calligrapher Carl Kurtz at the Kansas City Art Institute in the early 1990's. In 2003 at the University of New Mexico he began teaching Drawing classes, earned his MFA and continues to teach at Central New Mexico Community College. In 2009/2010 he attended the Roswell Artist in Residence program. In the Summer of 2011 Larry Bob created a seven week site-specific drawing at Recess gallery in New York. In July 2013 he created a large site-specific piece in the Albuquerque Art Museum on view until February 2014.

At some point I realized that drawing owed more to printmaking than painting, that's when Raushenberg's brush strokes really made sense.  Ever since then I've been looking for drawings relationship to anything I can, like: weaving, video, vector based graphics, photo, sonar, architecture- anything that will help me make my work more fresh!

Harvest CSA Project Description: For Harwood's Harvest CSA 2013 I am incredibly pleased to be working with Mitch Marti of Enterbang press in Cerrillos, NM! One of the Southwest's premiere print studios.   We have collaborated on several works in the past and look forward to making an 8 X 10 litho in a nice acid free bi-fold folio! Mitch is excited and has several ideas, we'll see where it takes us!

Valerie Roybal,
Albuquerque, NM

I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Currently I live in Albuquerque, and spend much time making art, keeping bees, and exploring flea markets and antique shops in search of inspiration and treasures. I have a BA from the University of New Mexico, and did extensive study in printmaking and book arts there. I have shown my work in a number of exhibitions including Unraveling Tradition and New Mexico Showcase, at 516 ARTS, and Biennial Southwest '08 at the Albuquerque Museum. My work is featured in the books Cutting Edges: Contemporary Collage and CUT and PASTE, 21st Century Collage.

Generally speaking, my work is primarily composed of and/or inspired by vintage, salvaged, and collected materials. I enjoy the process (I am very much process oriented) of finding materials and the possibility of re-purposing them: reinventing use, intention, or aesthetic, and the transformation into something dissimilar or unexpected.    I am very interested in natural and organic processes. My recent work is an exploration of physiological processes, and a reimagining/reframing of the process of cell mutations in the human body that cause disease, anomaly, and dramatic/overt change.

Harvest CSA Project Description: For this project I will be making an edition of small handmade books, titled An Encyclopedia of Well-being. It would involve the acquisition and creation of visual knowledge to aid in understanding, healing, and adapting to a profound illness, a major change of life, and/or other catastrophe. This book could serve as a visual survival kit, containing bits and pieces of information and reminders, "just in case."

Abby Salsbury, El Prado, NM

Abby Salsbury’s love of clay began with summer classes at the age of 7 and lead her to majoring in ceramics at the Philadelphia College of Art and the University of Colorado. In 1991 she opened her studio in Massachusetts and began developing a line of hand thrown tableware.  In 1996 Abby moved to Colorado to work and study at the Anderson Ranch Arts center and then made her way to Taos. In 2003, while making pottery, Abby began printmaking at UNM in Taos. Once believing the two were separate practices they now both share a place in her work.  

At present Abby Salsbury’s work is fueled by her investigations into two and three dimensional art making and mixed media has become a clear focus. Her interest in the carved clay surfaces and printmaking, recognizing the two hold a similar design, palette, form, scale and general essence, have resulted in hybrid objects that support all of her sensibilities.  Abby’s studio looks out at the Sangre de Cristo mountains and the vast mesa of Taos with all of its inspiring weather patterns, ecosystems, critters and drama. These are constant inspirations for her work.

Harvest CSA Project Description: Abby will make fifty six, eight inch, rounded square plates in white earthenware clay to use as a canvas to construct a collage of color, shapes, carving and printed line work. Her techniques and materials will include hand building, underglaze and glaze application, sgraffito and mishima, latex and wax resist, as well as the final printmaking images, from etchings, collographs and monotypes, and drawings. These plates will undergo three firing stages in a ceramic kiln and are intended for decorative and moderate functional use.

Carol Sanchez,
Albuquerque, NM

Carol C. Sánchez a native of Albuquerque, has a Printmaking Studio at the Harwood Art Center, where she creates her Mezzotints, teaches workshops, and rents out her press to other. She earned a MFA from the State University of New York at Albany, and a BFA from the University of New Mexico in Printmaking. She has a national and international exhibition record. Her works are in many private and public collections including The National Hispanic Cultural Center of New Mexico, Xi’An Academy of Fine Art in Xi’an, China. Currently Sanchez is represented at Leich Lathrop Gallery in Old Town Albuquerque.

I abstract organic forms and re-articulate them into my own visual language, into “Organic Abstractions”; nature is my inspiration. My images evolve from a first mark without any preconceived ideas or images. For me it keeps things fresh and challenging. The process of mezzotint has a very rich and seductive quality, which lends to my imagery. My aim is to create images that embody beauty. I accentuate the sensual and spiritual characteristics and draw out the essence of beauty from the ordinary.

Harvest CSA Project Description: For the HARVEST CSA I will create three separate images in the printmaking process of Mezzotint. Each image will be created and printed from three 8x8 copper plates; A plate a color. Each image will have an edition of twenty and printed on a 12x12 piece of paper. I will keep the editions relatively small so every shareholder doesn’t get the same image and for quality control purposes. The images themselves will be organic forms that have been part of my work for a while.

Matthew Thorson, Albuquerque, NM

Born in 1990, Matthew Delano Thorson is a painter living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from the University of New Mexico culminating in an Honors Thesis show at the Boro Gallery in February of 2012. His work presents a deep focus on nocturnal landscapes within and around the city of Albuquerque. He employs techniques in both oil and gouache to depict a wide variety of subject matter shrouded in the night.

I spend a lot of time awake at night. Recently some of these nights have been spent painting out beneath the stars. Painting on location, especially at night, is a very different experience than painting inside your studio from a reference or memory. It's hard to see and there's a sense of urgency to figure out these dark hues before dawn. As I spend time in front of, say, a tree, trying to make sense of it visually, I hope the detail I disregard in the name of haste will leave me with something more essential and fuller in spirit.

Harvest CSA Project Description: I propose to make 56 plein air nocturne paintings. The subject matter will be of trees around the city. Every tree has its own unique form, the variations are infinite. Then, add on the night effect and you get another set of variables depending on the type of artificial light nearby and its position in relation to my viewpoint. The changing seasons provide another element of change to the work as well, I will be able to depict the end of our summer, the fall, winter and a few trees that will be blossoming in early spring.

Samples of Work from our Inaugural Harvest CSA Artists


Kris Mills

Former Studio Artist

I was in Harwood’s very first show called Road To Chaos, organized by Jeff Kruger. My dog, Micro, was also in that show eating 30 hot dogs in a performance piece by Bryan Konefsky. I had two studios at two different times. The most recemt, I used the studio to do serigraphy with my collaborative friend Tom Loeb. LThe first time, I used the studio to make sculpture. Harwood has given me many opportunities to show my own art and curate shows about the work my community, Albuquerque makes.  My dog Pablo and I are in and out of Harwood’s doors a lot because I now live in the neighborhood.

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