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Adult Art Classes

Weeknight Classes

ArtFix: Independent Study & Weekly Practice for Artists with Lea Anderson and Ivan Boyd

Fall Session (6, 10, 12 week options): Thursdays // August 30-November 15, 2018 // 6p-9p

Spring Session (6, 10, 12 week options): Thursdays // January 31-April 18, 2019 // 6p-9p

Summer Session: TBD

Would you like time set aside to make your own art? Do you need a regular creative 'fix'? If you respond well to the rhythm of weekly classes, would like to work more with a particular media, or want to get back into regular creative practice, this is the perfect place for you! As fellow artists and art instructors, we are here to offer valuable feedback, tips and suggestions for whatever you want to work on. The last night of class will be set aside for a supportive critique. This fun, friendly, unique atmosphere will provide opportunities for networking, discussion, and creative growth. Make time for this important part of your life!

Location: Harwood's 6th St. Studio

Materials: Student's Discretion

Class Fee: 6-Week Session:  $175 / $155 Harwood members
10-Week Session:  $220 / $200 Harwood members
12-Week Session: $260 / $240 Harwood members

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Portfolio Building for Visual Artists: Developing a Body of Work with an Authentic Voice w/ Natalie Voelker

Mondays // September 24-November 5, 2018 // 6p-9p

You can! Whether you are a complete newbie to the art scene or a working artist that just needs a boost, this 7 week intensive is sure to level up your art game. In a warm, supportive, and encouraging environment, we'll inject our art making with fresh perspectives, investigate the themes and ideas that excite us, and embrace our unique strengths. We'll also dig into the practical skills we need to pursue our goals - such as photographing and documenting our work, creating compelling artist's statements, and developing a short biography. If you've been wanting to submit work to a show or apply for an art opportunity but don't know where to start, this course will get you going. If all of this sounds a bit over your head - this is the course for you; no experience required! If all of this sounds familiar in a dreadful sort of way - this is the course for you too; join us for a fresh and fun perspective!

All art makers working in any 2D or 3D medium welcome.

Location: Harwood's 6th St. Studio

Materials: Supply list provided upon registration
Class Fee: $185 / $165 Harwood Members

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Mandala Bodies w/ Lindsey Fromm

Wednesdays // October 17-December 12, 2018 // 6p-9p

Mandala Bodies is a workshop for any level of artist who is interested in delving deep into personal expression and self awareness through the mandala form. Mandala is Sanskrit for circle; in each class we will explore a new circle of the self and create a mandala in response to our discoveries. This is a 2D collage workshop and participants are invited to be creative with their materials choices, including repurposing old drawings, paintings, prints or other ephemera. We will also experiment with one new art technique at the beginning of every class. During the last class we will arrange our mandalas on individual panels to create self portraits that will be exhibited in the Harwood main hallway in the spring of 2019. This workshop promises to be relaxing, personally transformative, and spiritually renewing.

Location: Harwood's 6th St. Studio
Materials Fee: $25 payable to the instructor
Class Fee: $195 / $175 Harwood Members

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Abstract Drawing w/ Michael Ottersen

Mondays // November 12 - December 17, 2018 // 6pm - 9pm

Whether drawings are done as studies for potential painting or self-contained artworks, the feshness, immediacy, and directness of works on paper are a great tool to move ideas and explore materials. This class will explore drawing through the abstract. Can't draw an apple? Good, we don't need any more apple drawings but what we do need is an expression of what an apple tastes like. This class is open to all levels.

Location: Harwood's 6th St. Studio
Materials: A list will be provided
Class Fee: $175 / $155 Harwood Members

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Intro to Oil Painting w/ Natalie Voelker

Mondays // January 28-February 18, 2019 // 6p-9p

Learn the basics of direct oil painting in a fun encouraging atmosphere. If you've been curious about oil painting but don't know where to start - this class will get you painting! In this 4 week course, we'll learn how to prepare a surface for painting, basic principles for direct painting with oils, materials safety, how to start a painting working from both life and photo reference, steps for creating a painting from beginning to end, and skills for mixing colors. The direct method of painting involves working wet on wet - layering wet paint into wet paint. When completed in one session, it's referred to as "alla prima." We'll observe closely and work quickly with the goal of completing a small painting each class.  Whether you've painted before or are trying it for the first time, this class will give you a taste of how fun and enthralling oil painting can be.

Location: Harwood's 6th St. Studio
Materials Fee: $57 payable to the instructor
Class Fee: $85 / $75 Harwood Members

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Creating a Visual Voice: Zine Making w/ Harley Kirschner

Wednesdays // February 28 - March 27, 2019 // 6p-9p

This class will explore visual, personal narratives using a collage of written word with black and white photocopied images. Students will meet weekly to focus on the artistic process of zine making including handwriting with different tools, fonts, grayscale and black and white. We will add personal touches such as button closures and hand printed tags. Each class in this series will explore something different so students are encouraged to come to as many sessions as possible.

Location: Harwood's 6th St. Studio
Material Fee: $10
Class Fee: $175 / $155 Harwood Members // Individual class (preregistration required): $40/class

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Make Your Mark w/ Earl McBride

Mondays // February 25-April 15, 2019 // 6p-9p

This multi-week class is an adventure in finding and developing your own mark! We will utilize personal biography and storytelling to unlock symbols and ways of expression as we develop our own personal marks. We will explore lines, shapes, historical symbols, and ideologies that shape our art practice and play with idiosyncratic methods of art making. We'll examine the pressure and quality of your line and mark making in addition to how color, negative space, and marks work together to create meaning.

Almost any medium can be used in this experimental class! All levels are welcome.

Location: Harwood's 6th St. Studio

Materials: students will be provided a supply list
Class Fee: $195 / $175 Harwood Members

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Abstract Painting with Michael Ottersen 

Mondays // April 22-May 20, 2019 // 6p-9p

This class will explore the infinite possibilities of non-figurative or abstract painting in oil and or acrylic paint. Utilizing multiple references, experiences, subjective preferences, and objective observations, the student will create images about nothing and everything. Vision and process will be employed to dissect the beauties of mark making, color and value, compositional strategies, and engaging surfaces and textures. There will be no specific formula or style assumptions. All students will be encouraged to develop a personal visual language whether it's wildly gestural, hard-edged geometric, or something hybrid and in between.

Some previous painting experience recommended.

Location: Harwood's 6th St. Studio

Materials: Supply list provided upon registration
Class Fee: $140 members / $125 non-members

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Former Director of Harwood

When I started the building was primarily a studio center for artists with very little public programming. The only staff members were the Building Manager Marshall Kovitz and me, and we were both part-time. I worked to expand the reach of Harwood through lots more exhibitions, classes and events, and the Harwood Summer Arts Camp. I focused on community involvement and marketing, which transformed Harwood from a mostly quiet studio center into a public venue that was always buzzing with activity.

I am grateful to the Harwood for launching my career in arts administration over 20 years ago and for serving as the umbrella for 516 ARTS in our first year.

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