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Maude Andrade, U-7

Harwood Studio Artist since: 2004
I split my time between creating mixed media paintings and designing/silk-screening a line of t-shirts.  I was born in Memphis, Tennessee into a family of artists and eccentrics and have lived in California, Maine and New Hampshire, but I’ve spent the most time New Mexico.  In 1987, I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science in Botany and a minor in Chemistry, and began a career in textile design, earning national recognition for my surface designed hand woven clothing. Through classes at the Harwood Art Center and mentoring from influential New Mexico artists, I began painting in 2005.  My paintings have been included in exhibits at the Albuquerque Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe,  Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque, and Patina Gallery, in Santa Fe.  My t-shirts can be found on my website, Etsy, and locally at the Mariposa Gallery and Izzy Marin.

What Does the Harwood Mean to You?

Harwood Art Center is my sanctuary and my connection to the community.  It’s unusual and amazing to have these opposing forces satisfied in one place.  The Harwood community enriches my life because of studio artists, staff, teachers, and exhibits.

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Former Director of Harwood

When I started the building was primarily a studio center for artists with very little public programming. The only staff members were the Building Manager Marshall Kovitz and me, and we were both part-time. I worked to expand the reach of Harwood through lots more exhibitions, classes and events, and the Harwood Summer Arts Camp. I focused on community involvement and marketing, which transformed Harwood from a mostly quiet studio center into a public venue that was always buzzing with activity.

I am grateful to the Harwood for launching my career in arts administration over 20 years ago and for serving as the umbrella for 516 ARTS in our first year.

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