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Artist Statement

I have lived in New Mexico since 2011 and enjoy its long and complex history. European artists have been coming to New Mexico for 200 years, responding to historic, personal and visual elements here.  For twice as long, Hispanic artists have been responding strongly and deeply to these same surroundings.  And for many centuries longer, Native artists have been using abstract form and symbolic representation to produce works of incredible power and meaning through their response to this land. With great respect for all who have come before, I am beginning to record my personal response to this amazing place in my own visual language.

My art practice includes painting, sculpture, and installations of wood, plaster and wax. I also make lithographs, woodcuts, monotypes and screen prints, often combining techniques. I layer color, abstract shapes, gestural and loose elements and wood grain with personalized coded imagery. Sculpture includes simplified images in wood and cast iron.

As I look back over all the work I have produced, I can tie each piece back to some personal experience and meaning.  Hopefully, what is most personal is also universal so that art becomes a shared experience of maker and viewer.

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John Garrett
John Garrett


I seem to have known about Harwood Art Center since I moved to Albuquerque in 1996. I have always enjoyed seeing the exhibits there and visiting the studios when they are open to the public. I have taken a couple of classes there, and this last year I have taught a class there myself. This last spring I also had an exhibit of my wire sculptures and wall works at Harwood. I am pleased to contribute work which supports the work of the [Harwood] Art Center.

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