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Jean Kondek, U-12

Harwood Studio Artist since: 2011

Artist Bio

I'm an ex ad guy who spent 30 years on Madison Ave. as a copy writer and creative director. I loved that life and I'm loving this one even more. I'm now a New Mexico plein air painter working in the best state of all for plein air. I love putting paint on canvas and I've always enjoyed being outdoors. Now I can do both at the same time. And I even get paid for it. Life is good.

What Does the Harwood Mean to You?

When you've been an office person most of your adult life it's hard to just get up out of bed, walk into another room and start working. Harwood gives me a professional place to go to work, and forces me to work in a more professional manner. The yearly open house is a great opportunity to show work. The positive spirit of the staff is contagious as well as energizing. And I get a kick out of hearing the kids on the playground while I work.

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Kris Mills

Former Studio Artist

I was in Harwood’s very first show called Road To Chaos, organized by Jeff Kruger. My dog, Micro, was also in that show eating 30 hot dogs in a performance piece by Bryan Konefsky. I had two studios at two different times. The most recemt, I used the studio to do serigraphy with my collaborative friend Tom Loeb. LThe first time, I used the studio to make sculpture. Harwood has given me many opportunities to show my own art and curate shows about the work my community, Albuquerque makes.  My dog Pablo and I are in and out of Harwood’s doors a lot because I now live in the neighborhood.

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