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Laura Green, S-8

Harwood Studio Artist since: 2006
I am a mixed media artist and illustrator.  I primarily paint landscapes, portraits and still lifes that incorporate the surrounding space into the subject.  I like to combine references from nature with the manufactured world.  I also make tiny furniture, dioramas, finger puppets, knit accessories and am currently working on a children's picture book.

What Does the Harwood Mean to You?

I enjoy having a studio in the supportive atmosphere of the Harwood. I think the wide variety of classes, exhibitions and programs Harwood has facilitated through the years have been a great resource to Albuquerque.

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Richard Goulis

Former Harwood Employee

In 1992, I answered a HELP WANTED ad for substitute teachers at Escuela del Sol Montessori. There I met Friedje, who astutely noticed I had some experience in organizing artists and arts organizations. I began searching for interested artists and set out creating art workshops for the community. We soon began offering about 30 workshops, in everything from pinhole photography, drawing, performance art, to ceramics, mask making, video production and more.  After this successful summer session, I was offered a managerial position and began to see what could come of the newly minted “Harwood Art Center.”  After about one year we had 65 amazing artists in the studios, with a growing waiting list of well over 50 people, a working performance space, dance floor and darkroom, various gallery spaces, as well as classes just about every night of the week.

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