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Laura Green, S-8

Harwood Studio Artist since: 2006
I am a mixed media artist and illustrator.  I primarily paint landscapes, portraits and still lifes that incorporate the surrounding space into the subject.  I like to combine references from nature with the manufactured world.  I also make tiny furniture, dioramas, finger puppets, knit accessories and am currently working on a children's picture book.

What Does the Harwood Mean to You?

I enjoy having a studio in the supportive atmosphere of the Harwood. I think the wide variety of classes, exhibitions and programs Harwood has facilitated through the years have been a great resource to Albuquerque.

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John Garrett
John Garrett


I seem to have known about Harwood Art Center since I moved to Albuquerque in 1996. I have always enjoyed seeing the exhibits there and visiting the studios when they are open to the public. I have taken a couple of classes there, and this last year I have taught a class there myself. This last spring I also had an exhibit of my wire sculptures and wall works at Harwood. I am pleased to contribute work which supports the work of the [Harwood] Art Center.

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