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Michael Hudock, B10 & B11

Been a Harwood Studio Artist since: 1997
The urban environment inspires my work. 

Whether painting or photographing I am constantly drawn to surface. I am moved by objects, parts of objects, buildings, walls with history, and surfaces that have been affected by the elements over time. In the studio I brush and trowel paint, and over days or weeks these applications of paint slowly develop texture and depth. Colors peek through from underneath; top layers become scratched or sanded away to reveal paint that was applied months before. New layers cover up what was done earlier. Scratches in one layer never completely disappear even when they are painted over and so remain as a quiet and subtle mark, hinted at but barely visible.

What does Harwood mean to you?

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Karen Mazur
Karen Mazur

Current Harwood Artist

I have been a Harwood Artist since 2001. Four different spaces, four different lifetimes and across media. Sometimes my studio has been a graphic arts workshop, sometimes a painting studio, sometimes a production pottery shop, but being here is always wonderful. From late nights preparing materials for art students to mornings doing pre-natal yoga while I waited for the older child to be done with his work at Escuela del Sol, it is wonderful to reflect on all the art adventures I’ve had over the years at Harwood. The very first night I lived in Albuquerque was spent at a film program at Harwood and from that moment I knew this was an organization I wanted to be involved with. That was 17 years ago and the dream of that first night has blossomed into a reality and a community of which I am proud to be a part!

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