Class Description

Inspired by the iconic fiber assemblages of artists Judith Scott, Sheila Hicks and Eva Hesse, participants, through shared dialogue, immersive exploration and a stream-of-consciousness process of winding, stretching, weaving, knotting, tying and twisting fiber materials, will create personalized three-dimensional “Fiber Forms”. Students will learn to warp a circular repurposed metal coat hanger and, after choosing various strips of colorful recycled fabrics, will weave whimsical Circular Wall Weavings.

Class Dates

November 14-21, 2020 (If you register for just the on demand classes, registration will be available through the end of the year)

Videos will be available Sat. 11/14/2020

Optional Zoom Dates (limited spots available – must register):

  • Sat. 11/14/20, 1pm-2:30pm – First Zoom meeting
  • Tues. 11/18/20, 7-8pm – Zoom check-in
  • Sat. 11/21/20, 1pm – 2:30pm – Final Zoom meeting

Materials List

  • Old/torn/sentimental but too worn out to wear clothes, blankets, fabric scraps
  • Thread, yarn, rope, fibers
  • Wool Scraps, Felt pieces
  • Metal Coat hanger
  • Beads or Feathers

About the Teaching Artist

Katherine received her BFA in Native American Studies, double minoring in Women’s Studies and Cultural Psychology. Receiving an MFA from California Institute of Arts, she studied Curatorial Studies in Paris, France. Katherine’s taught Studio Art workshops at the Detroit Institute of Art and currently teaches Youth Fiber Arts with Española Valley Fiber Arts Center. Alongside art-making, Katherine’s farmed across the U.S and created youth urban garden in Minneapolis, New York and LA. In 2018, she created, alongside youth at Moving Arts Española, a public art weaving installation and heirloom garden. Katherine’s mixed media has exhibited nationally with upcoming 2021 exhibitions.

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