Camino – Summer 2021
Phase 1

Camino is a two year project that honors the voices of La Mesa community members, and bridges the space between Unidos and Cambio

The first phase is a cluster of three welcome beacons that narrate the journeys of 7 individuals from diverse backgrounds. In the summer of 2021, apprentices conducted interviews with community members. Quotes from these interviews are cut into the steel facade of the hexagonal sculpture which is illuminated via solar energy. Excerpts of audio from the interviews can be played with the touch of a button, in the largest column. 

The welcome beacons of Camino capture the rich stories and oral histories of La Mesa Neighborhood. With this we encourage you to listen to these stories as well as those of your neighbors. It is through unity we inspire, educate and create environments for a better future.


Harwood's Apprenticeship for Art & Social Justice, Land Acknowledgment


Press + Articles

Southwestness – The Place Where Your Heart Is 

Audio Artworks with Community Members