Artist Talk: Friday, May 3 at 5:30pm Opening Reception: Friday, May 3, 6 – 8pm Exhibitions Run: May 3 – 30, 2019

Who doesn’t love to people watch? I love interesting people. And in some way, all people are interesting. Inspired during the many hours in waiting rooms, I daydream about the life of another. Since then, I’ve been painting portraits and honing my casual, style. This exhibit, “People Watching” attempts to bring to life that pastime — the wonder about a stranger and his or her life. It works best if they remain a stranger. I’ve tried to paint people that I have later gotten to know, with lesser success. It is my hope that by combining my painting with a short biographical vignette, I encourage others to see people more deeply.

About Ian Hucke

“My name is Ian Douglas Hucke. I am an Art Studio major at UNM. I was hit by a car on August 16, 2017. I’ve been told that I was lucky. But honestly, I haven’t felt very lucky! It messed up my life up pretty badly. But I’m discovering a positive side to the accident: I am much more creative. I’ve always been creative, but I only had the urge to paint or to draw a couple of times a week. Now I want to paint or draw every day. I need to paint or draw every day. Now, if I don’t do something with the right side of my brain every day, the day is not right. My art has been healing. With my art, I like to explore the human condition. I want my art to express my vision of the human condition. Through my art, I want to appreciate and celebrate the diversity of people. And in some small way, perhaps even offer healing to others. I especially love painting portraits. People are people, and a person’s face is the public window into their soul. I agree with Charlie Kaufman, an American screen writer.” – Ian Hucke “I think that’s what art offers: an opportunity to recognize our common humanity and vulnerability. So rather than pretending I’m an expert I’m just telling you I don’t know anything.” Charlie Kaufman