Opening Reception: Friday, August 2, 6 – 8pm

Exhibition Runs: August 2 – 29, 2019

In his new exhibition, Retablo, Reyes Padilla explores the art form he was first exposed to as a child and incorporates that inspiration into his contemporary work today.

“If I look back as far as I can to the first painting I ever took notice of, it was a retablo. If I look back to the first piece of art I ever made, it was also a retablo. No doubt that this came with growing up in a catholic family along with being raised in New Mexico. Even though my work today does not fall in line with the traditional Spanish style this region is known for, I can clearly see where I have used it as inspiration. My exhibition “Retablo” is a reflection of my culture and its evolution.” – Reyes Padilla

About Reyes Padilla

Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Reyes Padilla currently lives and works in Albuquerque. His paintings and murals have sold to a variety of collectors and museums, including the State of New Mexico. Padilla’s installation titled, ¡Mira, Look!, was purchased for the permanent collection of Explora Science Center and Museum in Albuquerque in 2016. Padilla’s work has been shown nationally.

“I paint music. Having synesthesia means that I experience sound visually. My work is created by actively painting what I see while listening to music. The decision to embrace what I am seeing and paint it in the moment seems like a natural dance between two worlds.” – Reyes Padilla