Harwood Art Center presents our 13th annual 12×12 fundraising exhibitions that feature established, emerging and youth artists from New Mexico. The exhibition includes over 200 works that remain anonymous until sold – for the flat rate of $144 (12″x12″) or $36 (6″x6″). All funds raised support Harwood’s free community arts education, outreach and professional development programs – multifaceted, immersive offerings shaped by and for participants of all ages, backgrounds and perspectives.
Fundraising Celebration: Saturday, December 7 from 6 – 8pm
Exhibition runs: December 7 – 13, 2019


PRELUDE, our featured exhibition, highlights the intersections of art, design and daily living. PRELUDE supports Harwood *and* our collaborating artists, who receive a percentage of sales. Participating artists include: Jill Christian, Colleen Davy, Staci Drangmeister, Jonathan Guiney, Danny Hart, Christine Hernandez, Jessica Kennedy, Jared Tso, and Chelsea Wrightson.
Fundraising Celebration: Saturday, December 7, 6 – 8pm
Exhibition runs: November 18 – December 13, 2019


Soft-Scapes is an exhibition of new work by artist Molly Zimmer. These mural-size assemblages depict playfully abstracted environments or vibrant floral landscapes, focusing primarily on the form of a curved line as is found everywhere in nature. Larger than life, these immersive soft sculptures encourage viewers to examine their personal connections with textiles and with nature
Artist Talk: Friday, January 10 @ 5:30pm
Opening Reception: Friday, January 10, 6 – 8pm
Exhibition runs: January 10 – 30, 2020


Electric Desert immerses viewers in a nighttime desert environment comprised of a fluorescent nightscape with glittering cacti and flitting ghosts. Guilds of cardboard piñon, cholla, and nopales invite visitors to play with, build with, and sing with simple robotic constructs that gently open complex questions about the land and peoples of our Southwestern borders.
Artist Talk: Friday, January 10 @ 5:30pm
Opening Reception: Friday, January 10, 6 – 8pm
Exhibition runs: January 10 – 30, 2020

Harwood, the public outreach program of Escuela del Sol Montessori, is a creative center for community.

Participating at a grassroots level, Harwood deploys the arts as a catalyst for personal empowerment, cultural enrichment and social change. We believe that equitable access to the arts and opportunities for creative expression are integral to inspired, passionate individuals and to healthy, vibrant communities.