Haley Greenfeather English, Lynnette Haozous, David Leigh, Madeline MacKenzie, and Jeremy Salazar explore the Future Perfect by projecting themselves forward and looking back on actions yet to be completed through site-specific, ephemeral installations and murals in the gallery. Exhibition runs through March 28, 2019.

WheRe We BeLoNG

Harwood’s Creative Roots outreach program provides free art workshops across the city. This year’s exhibition features a collaborative installation called Finding Home, created by folks at Heading Home and APS Middle School Students. Exhibition runs through March 28, 2019.


Saturday March 2, 6 – 8pm
Encompass is our biggest open studio night of the year! In addition to open studios, Encompass features four gallery exhibitions, hands-on art making projects, live music, food trucks and activities for all ages. Join us for this community wide celebration!


June 3 – July 26, 2019
Registration for summer 2018 is now open!  At Harwood Summer Art Camp, campers in grades 1 – 9 will immerse themselves in the arts with a group of inspired peers and accomplished instructors. Summer Art Camp unleashes imaginations, opening doors to new experiences, creative innovation and a rich array of performing and visual arts.

FigurE PainTing WITH oILS

Instructor: Michelle Chrisman
Saturday & Sunday, March 10 & 11, 9am – 5pm
Quickly learn how to design bold paintings, capturing a simplified light and shadow pattern of the clothed figure and background shapes. Concepts of color and value will be explored through the large, bold shapes with thick strokes of paint. Participants will learn to pre-mix correct color values in order to paint quickly with decisive, intentional brush strokes.

Harwood, the public outreach program of Escuela del Sol Montessori, is a creative center for community.

Participating at a grassroots level, Harwood deploys the arts as a catalyst for personal empowerment, cultural enrichment and social change. We believe that equitable access to the arts and opportunities for creative expression are integral to inspired, passionate individuals and to healthy, vibrant communities.