Our annual community art collaboration is a fun and easy project called “Safety Net”. Everyone is invited to participate using whatever materials are available at home. This project is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

What is Safety Net?

Safety Net is a large cloth assembled from hexagons made by you and others across our city. You’ll create and embellish hexagons made of any sew-able material. When face-to-face operations resume, the staff and teaching artists of Harwood Art Center will gather and assemble all of our hexagons into a Safety Net to celebrate our resilience and the importance of our social connections.

How do you participate?

  1. Download this hexagon template, or recreate with pencil and paper at home. 
  2. Trace the Hexagon pattern onto any fabric available at home. (old sheets, clothes you’ve worn out, fabric scraps, felt, etc)
  3. Make a ½ inch cut along each corner of the hexagon.
  4. Fold over and glue or sew the “hem” or edge. This creates strength for when we assemble all the hexagons into our Safety Net. Here are some tips for quick and easy hand sewing!
  5. Your hexagon is now your canvas. Draw, paint, sew or collage your shapes, images or text. Use permanent marker, acrylic, fabric, buttons, sequins, feathers or whatever else you have on hand. 
  6. Share your questions, process, stories and finished hexes with us on Facebook and Instagram @harwoodartcenter

If you want to crochet a 6 inch hexagon, that is welcome.

You can also knit a 6 inch hexagon for Safety Net!

Create as many hexagons as you want to! You might make one for your self and several for the people you miss most, or worry most about during this time. Just remember to make sure the edges are reinforced in some way to create strength for our final Safety Net. This is a good metaphor for keeping yourself strong and healthy as a member of our community. (See videos at the bottom of the page for help on cutting out your hexagons!)

Good luck and be in touch! Questions about the Safety Net Project can be directed to Jen DePaolo at

This project teaches:
Creative Problem Solving
Simple Geometry
Fine Manual Dexterity
Hand Eye Coordination
Abstract Thought
Simple Ecology: Safety Net is inspired by bee hives and bee colonies!
Personal Expression and Emotional Understanding

Video Tutorials Below!

How to cut out a hexagon with and without a printer.