About The Shop at Harwood

This year we are expanding our offering to Prelude Artists to include a year of representation in The Shop at Harwood, a new physical gallery and retail store that highlights artists and designers in our community. The Shop was inaugurated at 12×12 and is open to the public year-round for our extended gallery hours, at every public event, and on our webstore. The Shop highlights art for everyday living; sales are split 50/50 with the artist and Harwood.



Hours: Thursday – Saturday from 10a – 3p
Harwood Art Center, 1114 7th Street NW, Albuqurque NM 87120

You can also click here to visit The Shop online

Represented Artists

  • Kristen Anchors
  • Carrie Botto
  • Caitlin Carcerano
  • Jen DePaolo
  • Diego Medina

  • Linda Montagnoli
  • Gloria Olazabal
  • Emily Silva
  • Shane Silva
  • Mark Weaver

Artist Made Series

Harwood’s Artist Made Series features original commissioned artwork reproduced on items available for public purchase. Artists are paid to create their work, and go on to receive residual payments for every item sold that is printed with their design. Our reproductions are printed by local partners including T-Shirt Lab, Risolana, and New Mexico Sticker Company. The Artist Made Series builds on Harwood’s ongoing missional commitment to value the arts, artists, and labor.