ArTiST STudioS


Harwood Art Center is proud to provide affordable working spaces to artists who live and work in the greater Albuquerque area. Our artist studios are available for rent on a month-to-month basis to individuals 18 years and older. Studios range in size from 100 – 350 square feet, with ceiling heights from 8 – 12 feet. All studios have at least two windows, and some come equipped with sinks. Rent ranges from $135 – $375 per month.

All of our studios are currently occupied.

We encourage all interested artists who have a need for studio space to complete an application> to be placed on the waiting list for studios.

If at any point your needs or availability change please contact us at (505) 242-6367 to update the status of your application.

For more specific questions, please contact Staci Drangmeister >, Programs and Operations Coordinator

Studio Artists

Basement Studios

B-2 Helen Atkins > & Jordyn Bernicke >
B-6 Jill Gatwood >
B-9 Carol C. Sanchez >
B-10 Michael Hudock >
B-11 Alison Green >

Main Floor Studios

110 Mark Horst >

Upstairs Studios, North

N-1 Margot Geist >
N-2 Michael Brown
N-3 Deborah Henson
N-4 Ricardo Guillermo >
N-5 Cynthia Elliot
N-6 Debbie Kmak >
N-6 Rachel Olinger
N-7 Deb Wozniak
N-8 Candy Nartonis >
N-10 Natalie Voelker > 


Upstairs Studios, Main Hallway

U-1 Andre Ford 
U-2 Ken Gingerich 
U-3 Erin Elder >
U-4 Larry Smith 
U-5 Zahra Marwan >
U-6 Amy Mann >
U-7 Reyes Padilla >
U-11 Aryon Hopkins >
U-12 Jean Kondek >
U-13 Eric Romero >

Upstairs Studios, South

S-2 Donna Romano >
S-3 Chelsea Wrightson >
S-4 Lea Anderson >
S-4 Ivan Boyd 
S-5 Carol Adamec >
S-6 Jami Porter Lara >
S-7 Bryce Hample >
S-8 Laura Green 
S-9 Andrew Fearnside >
S-10 Shawn Turung >