Harwood Art Center is proud to provide affordable working spaces to artists who live and work in the greater Albuquerque area. Our artist studios are available for rent on a month-to-month basis to individuals 18 years and older. Studios range in size from 100 – 350 square feet, with ceiling heights from 8 – 12 feet. All studios have at least two windows, and some come equipped with sinks. Rent ranges from $175 – $380 per month.

All of our studios are currently occupied.

We encourage all interested artists who have a need for studio space to complete an application> to be placed on the waiting list for studios.

If at any point your needs or availability change please contact us at (505) 242-6367 to update the status of your application.

For more specific questions, please contact Chandler Wigton,

Studio Artists

Basement Studios

B-2 Martín Wannam>
B-6 Jill Gatwood >
B-9 Carol C. Sanchez >
B-10 Michael Hudock >
B-11 Casa Q >

Main Floor Studios

110 Mark Horst >

Upstairs Studios, North

N-1 Margot Geist >
N-2 Natalie Voelker >
N-3 Caitlin Carcerano >
N-4 Ricardo Guillermo >
N-5 Cynthia Elliott
N-6 Richard Saavedra >
N-7 Deb Wozniak
N-8 Karen Mazur
N-10 Molly Zimmer 

 Upstairs Studios, Main Hallway

U-0 Marianne Hall >
U-1 Jenn Carrillo >
U-2 Ken Gingerich >
U-3 Chelsea Wrightson >
U-4 Kerry Cottle
U-5 Zahra Marwan >
U-6 Candy Nartonis >
U-7 Reyes Padilla >
U-9 Aziza Murray >
U-10B Lindsay Brenner>
U-11 MB Ramos >
U-12 Sallie Scheufler >
U-13 Eric Romero >

Upstairs Studios, South

S-1 Lincoln Draper >
S-2 Donna Romano >
S-3 Alejandro Jaramillo
S-4 Lea Anderson >
S-4 Ivan Boyd
S-5 Linh Nguyen
S-6 Adrian Pijoan >
S-7 Joan Roberts Garcia >
S-8 George Richardson >
S-9 MK >
S-10 Shawn Turung >