Why 12×12?

Your purchases support Harwood’s community arts education, outreach and professional development programs – multifaceted, immersive offerings shaped by and for participants of all ages, backgrounds and perspectives.

For 17 years, Harwood Art Center has invited artists in its creative community to contribute works for 12×12- our one fundraising exhibition, and one of Albuquerque’s most anticipated art events of the year. We provide artists with 12” x 12” wood panels to create artworks in their unique vision. Each year, we install over 100 pieces in our gallery representing diverse media, practice, experience, and identity. 12×12 artworks are sold for a flat rate of $144, and each artist remains anonymous until their piece is sold.

We invite hundred’s of artists who have exhibited, taught and created with us before to be 12×12 Artists. Each year, our list expands to include the new gallery, teaching, and collaborative artists we have worked with in that calendar year. If you are an artist who has worked with Harwood before and you are not getting your 12×12 invitations, please fill out the short form below and we will make sure our list is up to date.

New to Harwood // Want to be a 12×12 artist?

If you are new to Harwood and interested in participating in 12×12, please fill out the form below with links to a website or social media page with examples of your work and we will be in touch.