A weekend long conference that will host seminars, panel discussions, and conversations around topics that shape professional arts practice in New Mexico, along with a public keynote speaker discussing the topic of Artist as Citizen & Agent of Change.


March 2021


Albuquerque, New Mexico


This conference is presented with partnership from The Harwood Art Center, Keshet Ideas & Innovations Community, City of Albuquerque, Heritage Hotels and Nusenda Credit Union.

Sessions and Panels 

Sessions will be made up of a panel of diverse individuals whose expertise and experience reside with the titles of each session. Each panel will have a lead panelist who has selected fellow speakers who embody the many voices, identities, and or backgrounds meaningfully reflected and represented throughout, in retrospect, and in continued impact and who are also at different points of their career.  Each panel session will provide resonant, enriching, just, accessible, and inspiring dialogues for both artists and arts organizers – and speak to audience(s) of all interests, experience levels, and trajectories of spirit.

Three sessions will be single keynote speakers that are known nationally and speak to the conference as a whole specifically on their topic and experience.

Conference Pricing

We believe that everyone should have a chance to attend a professional conference, providing a range of available prices to registrants.

Thanks to conference partners, registration is on a sliding scale with super subsidized, subsidized, at-cost general admission, and sponsoring levels of attendance.

WE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE PAY WHAT YOU CAN. If you or your organization is able, we invite you to consider contributing to the experience of a subsidized attendee by purchasing the “Attending Sponsor” registration.

Public Keynote Pricing

Everyone is invited to the public keynote and may purchase tickets to attend this community portion of the programming on Thursday evening, with general admission, student, and senior rates available.

*All conference registrations include the keynote ticket.


Coming soon..


Harwood’s Root + Bloom: New Mexico Conference for Arts & Professional Development will launch in conjunction with our capstone community celebration, Encompass, in March of 2021.

This inaugural weekend-long conference will immerse art practitioners and art administrators with in-depth seminars, panel discussions, and conversations around topics that shape professional arts practice in New Mexico and our surrounding region.

Our conference supports economic mobility, entrepreneurial development, organizing and advocacy, and resource building for artists and art administrators from diverse viewpoints and backgrounds. 


Though Harwood directly serves hundreds of artists each year, there is far more need for our existing professional development services that we can presently meet. We recognize that arts administrators operate in a limited landscape of opportunity for ongoing professional growth. 

By creating the New Mexico Conference on Arts & Professional Development, which was shaped through a series of focus groups and interviews with arts entrepreneurs, we will serve 100+ artists and arts administrators per year. Root + Bloom builds upon the successful foundations of SURFACE, expanding our professional development roster to artists and arts administrators from around the state – and, we hope, supporting arts entrepreneurs in the discovery of strengthened business practices, expanded capacity as agents of change, and increased opportunities across and beyond New Mexico.