Comic Book Crazy with Miss V.

November 19 – December 16, 2020

About the class

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a superhero in a comic book? In this class, we will explore the stories comics tell and the beauty of its illustrations. We will create our own stories in the style of comics and create action figures with recycled materials.

Optional Zoom dates/times

  • Wednesday, November 25 – 4-5pm
  • Wednesday, December 2 – 4-5pm
  • Wednesday, December 9, 4-5pm
  • Wednesday, December 16, 4-5pm


  • white copy paper
  • markers
  • crayons
  • pencils
  • sharpies
  • ruler
  • model magic (any color, optional)
  • foil (optional)
  • recycled materials (cardboard, plastic bottles, etc)

About theTeaching Artist

Victoria Velasco graduated from the University of New Mexico with a BFA in Studio Art and an MA in Art Education at UNM. Victoria was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She believes that every student regardless of race or background should have their lives enriched by art and art has the ability to transform and change us for the positive. Her goal for students is to have a visual relationship with the world around them and be able to navigate through it.