Programs & Communications Coordinator, Ebony Isis Booth, wrote about printmaker and sculptor Elizabeth Catlett for the online magazine Griot’s Republic this month. Throughout her career, Catlett produced an extensive body of work, earned multiple degrees and awards, and made her mark on the contemporary art world. Much of Catlett’s artwork depicted the African American experience in the 20th Century, and her work was centered around activism. Catlett’s career impacted the not only the art world, but global conversations on oppressed populations in the way she highlighted the expereience of women of color and emphasized the importance of education. To read the full story about Elizabeth Catlett and her extraordinary life, visit Griot’s Republic>.

IMG: Elizabeth Catlett. Wikipedia. Fair Use.

IMG: Elizabeth Catlett. University Museum and Art Gallery UMAG and the Kinsey African American Art and History Collection. Wikipedia. Fair Use.