Opening Reception & Fundraising Celebration: Saturday, December 7 from 6 – 8pm

Exhibitions Run: December 7 – 13, 2019

Harwood Art Center presents 12×12 and PRELUDE, fundraising exhibitions that feature established, emerging and youth artists from New Mexico. The main event, our 12×12 exhibition, includes over 200 works that remain anonymous until sold – for the flat rate of $144 (12″x12″) or $36 (6″x6″).

ABOUT 12×12

This year, our 12×12 Fundraising Exhibitions feature:

12”x12” works by over 130 emerging and established artists, who remain anonymous until the works are purchased. Each piece is sold for $144.

6”x6” and 12”x12” works by student artists from Escuela del Sol Montessori, Garfield Middle School and Hayes Middle School. These works also remain anonymous until they are purchased. Each 6”x6” piece is sold for $36 and each 12”x12” piece is sold for $44.

All 12×12 and 6×6 works are sold on the night of the event, Saturday, December 7, on a first come, first served basis.

Prelude highlights the intersections of art, design and daily living. Prelude supports Harwood *and* our collaborating artists, who receive a percentage of sales. Prelude works can be seen and purchased here >

In addition to the exhibitions, the 12×12 even features live music and food generously provided by over a dozen local restaurants. The event is family friendly and open to the public, with a suggested donation of $5 – $20 at the door.

Why 12×12?

Your purchases support Harwood’s free community arts education, outreach and professional development programs – multifaceted, immersive offerings shaped by and for participants of all ages, backgrounds and perspectives. 


Fay Abrams
Carol Adamec
Lea Anderson
Maude Andrade
Helen Atkins
Joshua Atlas
Joseph Baca
John Barney
Aaron Bass
Dani Belvin
Jeff Benham
Randall Biggers
Matthew Bollinger
Ivan Boyd
Heather Bradley
Lindsay Brenner
CB Bryan
Kaitlin Bryson
Aaron Bumgarner
Dana Burgy
Katie Burkstaller
Caitlin Carcerano
Katie Carillo
Emma Casady

Chris Casey
Corie Chambers
Juliana Coles
Donna Loraine Contractor
Jeanette Cook
Christy Cook
Helen Cozza
Sasha Custer
Lauren Deyo
Emma Difani
Marilyn Dillard
David Disko
Debi Dodge
Susan Finch
Charis Fleshner
Dan Fuller
Moira Garcia
Jill Gatwood
Cindi Gaudette
Sarah Geiger
Ken Gingerich
Alison Green
Jessica Gross
Tanesia Hale-Jones

Marianne Hall
Lynnette Haozous
Rachel Harris-Huffman
Sarah Hartshorne
Florian Herrmann
Mark Horst
Michael Hudock
Dani Jeffries
Paul Jenks
Evey Jones
Katherine Hunt
Agata Kijanka
Marigold Kitzmiller
David Koch
Jean Kondek
Kat Labate Wright
Laurel Lampela
Ted Laredo
David Leigh
Orlando Leyba
Marta Light
Madeline MacKenzie
NC Magnusson
Gloria Mallory

Amy Mann
Suzanne Marshall
Zahra Marwan
Rachelle Mechenbier
David Merriam
Barbara Miller
Gwen Miller Wagner
Hollis Moore
Casey Mraz
JE Muniz
Candy Nartonis
Dan Noyes
Franziska Oelsner
René Palomares II
Margarita Paz-Pedro
Natalie Peavy
Susan Pine
Jennifer Pretzeus
Susie Protiva
Teresa Rice
Tomas Rodriguez
Heidi Rogers
Maya Rogers
Eric Romero

Remy Rotenier
Mariana Roumell-Gasteyer
Danila Rumold
Sophia Sanchez
Carol Sanchez
Eliza Schmid
Kim Schneider
Janet Shagam
Barbara Shapiro
Claude Smith, III
Norah Solorzano
Mary Sweet
Helen Tiefenbach
Benjamin Tobias
Ruby Troup
Harriette Tsosie
Martin Ventura
Denise Weaver Ross
Daniel Weishampel
Becky Weishampel
Deb Wozniak
Frederick Yost
Penelope Young
Susan Zimmerman