Main Event @ Harwood: Thursday, December 1 from 5:30p-7:30p

Online Store Opens: Friday, December 2 at 6p 

Harwood Art Center is pleased to announce our 15th Annual 12×12 Fundraising Exhibition, one of Albuquerque’s most anticipated art events. Over 100 youth, emerging, and established artists from New Mexico have contributed to this year’s 12×12 exhibitions.

Why 12×12?

Your purchases support Harwood’s community arts education, outreach and professional development programs – multifaceted, immersive offerings shaped by and for participants of all ages, backgrounds and perspectives.


Join us for an Artwork Preview for our 16th Annual 12×12 Fundraising Exhibitions. This event is open to all and will be an exciting opportunity to preview 12×12 artworks in person before sales open online the following day. Dinner will be available for purchase by Tuerta: A Sandwich Shop. We will have complimentary hot cocoa and live music.

Thursday, December 1, 5:30 – 7:30pm

This year, our 12×12 Fundraising Exhibition features:

-6”x6” & 12”x12” works by the student artists of Escuela del Sol Montessori ($36 & $44 each)

-12”x12” works by emerging and established local artists ($144 each, 12×12’s will be available to purchase Dec 2)

-PRELUDE: 3D and 2D works by notable New Mexico artists (prices vary)


PRELUDE, our featured exhibition of 12×12, highlights the intersections of art, design and daily living. Prelude supports Harwood and our collaborating artists, who receive a percentage of sales:

Robyn A. Frank, Will Geusz, Jessica Gross, Malcolm King, Stephanie Lerma, Mika Maloney, Adrian Martin, Reyes Padilla, MB Ramos and Monique Rivera.

Harwood’s Online Store

All work featured in this year’s fundraising exhibition will be for sale on our new online store. The link to the store will go live on this page on Friday, December 2 at 6pm.

All sold pieces will be available for pick up at Harwood on December 15th and again in January.

Artwork Preview

Thank yo to all of our 12×12 Artists!

Diane Alire
Lea Anderson
Maude Andrade
Courtney Angermeier
Joshua Atlas
Joseph Baca
John Barney
Juliette Beck
Jeff Benham
Randall Biggers
Heather Bingham
Heather Bradley
Lindsay Brenner
CB Bryan
Katie Burkstaller
Abby Butler
Jordan Caldwell
Katie Carillo
Min Che
Min Che
Juliana Coles
Jeanette Cook
Christiana Cook
Keara Dayton
Jen DePaolo
Lauren Deyo

Cheryl Dietz
David Disko
Debi Dodge
Margaret Fitzgerald
Lindsey Fromm
Kimberly Fuentes Marmolejo
Jill Gatwood
Kirsi Gaulden
Sarah Geiger
Toni Gentilli
Elise Gill
Ken Gingerich
jane gordon
Jessica Gross
Barbara Grothus
Sarah Hartshorne
Sandy Hill
Mary Holyoke
Ian Hucke
Kelli Judkins-Cooper
Agata Kijanka
Anne Kirk
Harley Kirschner
David Koch
Leigh Anne Langwell
Katrina Lasko

Orlando Leyba
Claire Lissance
Ronja Loritz
Gloria Lucero
Wil MacNeil
NC Magnusson
Suzanne Marshall
Karen Mazur
Rachelle Mechenbier
David Merriam
Kate Miller
Audrey Montoya
Norina Morales
Sandra Mu̱oz Puga
Olivia Munroe
Candy Nartonis
William Nichols
kathe noe
Jade Norris
Dan Noyes
Leviathan O’Neil
Maewyn Padilla
Natalie Peavy
Jami Porter Lara
Alina Pozas
Susie Protiva

Jay Renteria
Sheldon Richards
Lex Rohrscheib
Remy Rotenier
Joshua Roxby
Sophia Sanchez
Angelia Santistevan
Benicio Santistevan (Age 12)
Janet Shagam
David Stelle
Linda Sugar
Mary Sweet
Francesca Tobias
Linda Tratechaud
Ruby Troup
Harriette Tsosie
Friedje vanGils
diego villegas
Mark Weaver
Denise Weaver Ross
Susan Weeks
Rylee Weishaupt
Chandler Wigton
deborah wozniak
Frederick Yost
Shereen Zangeneh