Community Celebration: Saturday, April 2nd from 4:30p – 6:00p
Exhibitions Run: March 7 – April 14, 2022

Harwood Art Center and Escuela del Sol Montessori are pleased to present Encompass, a unique all ages art celebration that takes place annually. This year Encompass features three gallery exhibitions, hands-on art making projects, live music, food trucks, and activities for all ages. Encompass is both a reflection of and an offering to our community. In 2022 our theme is (re)conceive: works of reclamation and highlights artists that deconstruct and reconstruct notions of social order – particularly investigating norms of domesticity, building spaces of comfort, and redefining what, and who, is home.

Splish Splash

An exhibition born out of a mutual affinity for the quiet stillness shared with oneself in a bath featuring Caitlin Carcerano and Charis Fleshner. There’s a tension with vulnerability in bathtubs; the bather is in a position where they are very exposed, but simultaneously feeling safe, calm, taken care of, and even healed. It is a brave thing to want to address and share this vulnerability. The artists make the private public and invite people into this space. (front gallery)

(re)conceive: works of reclamation

A group exhibition that deconstructs and reconstructs notions of social order – particularly investigating norms of domesticity, building spaces of comfort, and redefining what, and who, is home. Featuring MK, Lindsay Brenner, Jami Porter Lara, Linda Montagnoli, Margarita Paz-Pedro, Kei and Molly Textiles & Robyn Tsinnanjinnie. (hall gallery)

Dr. Dalyoncar’s Dreamatorium

Dreamed up by the Escuela del Sol Montessori Jr. High, and made by Escuela Elementary and Jr. High Students, this exhibition welcomes you to Dr. Dalyoncar’s Dreamatorium! In this magical place the doctor will study your dreams, document them, and mount them on his dream wall. (special projects gallery)


Timelines is a collective drawing project that will prompt participants to look closely at nature, compose patterns, and meditate together on common natural forms that we may take for granted lead by artist Celine Gordon. Participants will look at found objects from surrounding landscapes such as leaves, branches, rocks, etc. then compose an abstracted pattern based on their object. Once participants have sketched a composition, they will transfer it onto a ring of a plywood tree stump. The resulting work will be a chronology documenting the different ways our community sees and depicts nature. The series of collective work will prompt people to think about ecology through art making. (outside plaza)

Safety Net is a large cloth assembled from hexagons made by you and others across our city! You’ll create and embellish hexagons made of any sew-able material. We will have materials to create hexagons at our Encompass Celebration on Saturday April, 2nd. The staff and teaching artists of Harwood Art Center will gather and assemble all of our hexagons into a Safety Net to celebrate our resilience and the importance of our social connections. (outside plaza)


Encompass will feature a special book release of Zahra Marwan’s new children’s book!

An evocative picture book debut that tells the true story of the author’s immigration from Kuwait to the United States. Zahra lives in a beautiful place where the desert reaches all the way to the sea and one hundred butterflies always fill the sky.

Preorder books here at or purchase at Encompass!


Make a night of it – enjoy local food from Tuerta, live music by Los Metamorfos Duet!

Exhibition Catalog