Community Celebration: Saturday, March 4 from 5 – 8pm
Exhibition Runs: March 4 – 30, 2017

Harwood Art Center and Escuela del Sol Montessori are pleased to present Encompass, a unique
multi-generational art event that takes place annually. Featuring four gallery exhibitions, open studios, hands-on art
making projects, live music by Burque SOL, food trucks, and activities for all ages, Encompass is both a reflection of
and an offering to our community.

This year Encompass focuses on art and culture as means of reflection, translation, understanding; we are particularly
interested in celebrating the role that creative expression plays in navigating individual identity/ies, making visible the
invisible, generating social impact and healing, responding to the systems of which we’re part, and or (re)humanizing,
(re)connecting and (re)empowering people.


About The Exhibitions



An invitational group exhibition reflecting the themes of Encompass 2017, featuring Randy Barton, Dorielle Caimi,
Carlos Contreras, Thomas Christopher Haag, Tanesia Hale-Jones, Earl McBride, Warren Montoya, Ruben Olguin, and
Yoshiko Shimano.


Constellations: Connect the Dots

Escuela del Sol Montessori elementary students explore their own identity and that of their community through
portraits. Self portraits and interactive changeable portraits with moving features help the students share their
individual uniqueness and their community’s diversity. Each portrait contributes to the constellation that makes up
our community. By adding to, or changing the interactive portraits guests are invited to creatively connect the dots by
recognizing the qualities that we all share.


Conversant is an exhibition of work made by Harwood Art Center’s extended community. This includes Escuela
teachers, administrative staff, teaching artists and studio artists that support our organization’s mission to nurture a
love for life-long learning and build a sustainable and more vibrant local, statewide and regional community.


Collected, an exhibition created by youth ages 6 – 14 through Harwood’s community outreach program, Creative

39 Open Artist Studios

Since 1991, Harwood Art Center has provided creative workspaces, exhibition opportunities and professional development programs to local artists. Our Harwood Studio Artists invite you into their studios to visit them, view their artwork and purchase their beautiful wares. Studio Artists retain 100% of the sales made.

Large Scale Outdoor Mural: La Joya by Reyes Padilla & Natalie Voelker

La Joya 2017 is a look at the energy and history that still resonates at Harwood. The mural pays homage to the
women who were here in the 1920’s and 30’s when the building was used as a school. While Natalie’s work focuses
on the embodiment of these women, Reyes’ work represents the energy that is still present today. The title, La Joya
2017, references the name of the Harwood Girls School yearbooks that were used as inspiration for the mural. 

Hands On Art Making Projects

Crowning Glory

Escuela del Sol Jr. High students will work with visitors to combine found and handmade objets d’arte to create their
very own “Crowning Glory’ and help them express their hat-titude!

Collective Memory: Helen Atkins & Jennifer DePaolo

The Collective Memory project is designed to bring our community together to share stories of loss and survival through art. Participants will reconstruct cardboard templates of fish that have disappeared from the Rio Grande, adding artistic embellishments to enhance our fish and communicate our own stories of loss, challenge, recovery and survival.

Finished fish will join a larger “school” of fish created by participants across the city at Encompass. As a community,
we will practice healing and hope by making something beautiful. Then, fish will return home to reside with their
makers to remind us of who we are, and what we’ve survived.

Missing Persons

Bring a photograph of yourself, collaborate with artist Jodie Herrera, and become part of Harwood’s social justice
exhibition in September.

Look The Other Way 

 Share and screenprint your reflections with Dry Mtn.


Women & Creativity Collaboration

The night of Encompass celebrates the opening of Women & Creativity, a curated slate of 13 featured programs and
over 50 community-organized events in a wide array of disciplines. At Encompass, experience a pop up exhibition of
our international artist trading card project, WiD-UNM’s ‘the roving table,’ and Jodie Herrera’s art making project.

Music & Food

Encompass will also feature a live music performance by Burque SOL and delicious food from Irrational Pie, Street
Food Blvd., Karibu Cafe and Pop Fizz.