Opening Reception: Friday, October 4, 6 – 8pm

Exhibition Runs: October 4 – 24, 2019

Enwomb is a collection of sculptures in the landscape made of found natural materials. These works are presented through photographs, as well as an installation in the gallery, offering different representations of nests. Krow explores nests as symbols for the womb and encourages the viewer to examine their relationships to planet, mother, home, and body, and the space where they all intersect.

About Cameron Krow

“My work explores themes of communion, transformation, impermanence, and the cyclical nature of all things. In my sculptures, which are often site-specific installations in the landscape, I utilize materials from the land, gathered close by and always with great care and reverence. These works are intended as illusions of the supernatural which evoke a sense of magick and childlike wonder in the viewer, inspiring them to see and interact with the world in a new and Earth-centered way.” – Cameron Krow

Cameron Krow is some amalgamation of artist, activist, farmer, naturalist, and wanderer. He was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico; his upbringing in the high desert, and the relationship which he developed with the land there as a consequence, has served to deeply inform who he is as a person. While his youth was spent studying philosophy at the university and traveling the continent on foot, his adulthood has been largely structured by passions for small scale agriculture, folk herbalism, land art, and photography. Though his work is focused more on personal ritual in nature, his craft has been featured both in collaborations and solo works in such locations as Los Poblanos Organic Farm, ABQ Railyards, 516 Arts, Sister Bar, and Lightning in a Bottle.

Cameron Krow, Made to Cry, digital photograph documentation of sculpture made from juniper and piñon branches, 2019

Cameron Krow, Go to Sleep Little Baby, digital photograph documentation of sculpture in Barre, VT, 5’x4’x2′, 2016