Artist Talk: Friday, May 4 at 5:30pm Opening Reception: Friday, May 4 from  6 – 8pm Exhibition Runs: May 4 – 24, 2018

James Black draws digital caricatures, focusing on the people he sees daily in Albuquerque. His friends, family, and community. Random faces, memorable expressions, and unforgettable mugs. He is obsessed with creating a quick process for capturing likeness. He uses an iPad pro, to create clean, stylized images and the process is recorded as he draws. The exhibition will feature prints of these caricatures, along with video loops of the recorded renderings.

About James

James Black graduated from UNM with a BFA in studio art in 2004 with concentration in printmaking, specifically working with Monotype relief prints, Intaglio etchings, and Serigraphy. James quickly adapted to the Serigraphy or Screen Printing process and began to work on a small studio to create prints. This small studio has grown into a larger artist collective with a strong interest in unique graphic design and production. James is an active community member, musician, local artist, teacher, and published illustrator. James has led many workshops and tutorials for local youth and community centers, including Amy Biel High School, Wells Park, ACE Leader Ship High, Harwood Art Center, and the Hispanic Cultural Center. James started the screen printing program at Albuquerque’s, Warehouse 508 and is the head of 111 Media Collective, and the live screen printing event team T-Shirt Lab. “I am Printmaker, Illustrator, Educator, and Community Member. I see people. Many times I will not forget their face until I have exaggerated it. I had a dream once that I drew all of my friends. I decided to keep dreaming that dream again and again.” – James Black