Opening Reception: Friday, April 7, 6 – 8pm

Exhibition Runs: April 7-27, 2017

The First 50 Years presents a glimpse into Leo Neufeld’s career and relationship with art. Throughout his creative
journey, Neufeld’s masterful skill and passion for aesthetics is evident. Whether painting commissioned portraits,
commemorative works, or New Mexican and Californian landscapes in plein air, his works radiate beauty and
exuberance. As a prolific portrait painter Neufeld feels like he was “born to paint in the tradition of the Old Masters.”
Neufeld has been drawn to faces since childhood. As a young boy, he observed people as a way to understand them;
art-making provided a way to connect with the world on a deeper level. Neufeld’s portrait work exemplifies classical
tenants of figure painting and portrays the emotion of his subjects.

Landscape paintings have been an equally important part of Neufeld’s work. His landscapes are created in plein air,
and his brushwork is reminiscent of the Impressionists. Since 2009, Neufeld has spent his summers in California,
painting along the coast. The power and mystery of the ocean is translated into paintings full of vitality. These high
energy, expressive paintings have transformed Neufeld’s landscape style.

Throughout his career, Neufeld has been a teacher and mentor to young artists. His artistic skill and compassionate
nature have enriched the lives of many aspiring artists. Giving back to the community remains an important part
of Neufeld’s life. As Neufeld’s work continues to evolve, he has begun collaborating with Stacey Cooley. Cooley,
Neufeld’s modern muse, is a writer who is encouraging Neufeld to explore storytelling within his work. Cooley adds
intellectualism to the innate beauty of Neufeld’s painting. Neufeld is excited to see how his work will grow through this
creative relationship.

About Leo Neufeld

 Leo Neufeld graduated from the University Wisconsin Madison in 1972. After graduation, Neufeld moved to New York
where he studied at the Arts Student League for 5 years. As a contemporary realist landscape and portrait painter,
Neufeld has exhibited work all over the country and completed numerous commissions. One of his most notable
exhibitions was in 1986 at the Grand Central Art Gallery. This exhibition opened the door to a teaching position at
the National Academy of Art and Design. Neufeld has taught for over 30 years, 19 of which were at the Harwood Art
Center. Neufeld currently lives and works in Albuquerque.

“I didn’t choose to be an artist. I feel compelled to do this work, like I was born to paint in the tradition
of the Old Masters. The Old Masters are profound in their interpretations of life, and art provides a deeper, more
meaningful way for me to connect with, observe, and interpret the world. In the act of creation, I feel connected to
something greater than myself. This universal feeling transcends time and space.”

“Art is the divine line to God. Art is an expression of humankind and has been with us from the beginning
of civilization. I believe this need for visual communication is part of a vital need to feel alive – to document life –
and to be a part of the life around us. I believe art is surely a path to enlightenment. Art will always be with us. It is
part of who we are.” – Leo Neufeld

Leo Neufeld

Leo Neufeld