Fridays, May 8th – May 29th, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

4 week session

Sprouting from the word medley, which is defined as “a varied mixture of people or things”, this four-session course thrives on the merging of materials and personalities. The first session is a deep dive into the exploration of mixed media in small studies and large quantities (i.e. sketchbook) beginning with instructor demonstrations and followed by student self discovery. In this class, the mixed media ranges from pencils, oil pastels, and markers to fast-drying paint such as watercolors and acrylics. Sessions two and three will be a continuation of small studies in addition to each student methodically adding layers of various elements to their very own 2 x 4’ board. The fourth and final session will focus heavily on collaboration with all students working on one shared 2 x 4’ board, which will be displayed in the lobby of Harwood Art Center for approximately one month. The final completed collaborative piece is to exemplify the exploration and growth which flourishes within a creative community.

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Harwood’s 6th St. Studio


$40 fee payable to instructor

Class Fee:

$90 members / $100 non-members