Mondays, February 3rd – 24th, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

4 weeks

If you’re new to oil painting and looking for a supportive place to practice and expand your painting skills this class is for you! If you’ve made even one oil painting before you are a great fit for this group. Brand new beginners as well as intermediate painters are welcome. We’ll be practicing “all prima” painting – which means painting directly into wet paint and working toward completing a small painting in each class. Instruction is tailored to the individual needs and goals of each student. You may bring your favorite materials to work with and a list of suggested materials will also be provided. Students may paint any subject that interests them: still life, landscape, portrait, figurative, and abstract styles are all welcome. If you don’t know where to start, the instructor will provide plenty of ideas to get you started. Take a leap and make a commitment to your creative side by signing up for this fun, free-form, practice class.

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Harwood’s 6th St. Studio


Required Materials:
oil paints
A beginners set or just choose a variety that you like. Include an umber, a red, a blue, a yellow, and a titanium white, at a minimum. I suggest Winton brand: burnt or raw umber, titanium white, cadmium red, yellow ocher, cadmium yellow light, ultramarine or cobalt blue, and alizarine crimson. Colors labeled “hue” will work just fine. (Make sure you do NOT get the water-soluble kind. We’ll be using traditional oil paints.
Bristle, sable, or synthetic (make sure it is labeled as appropriate for oil painting) in a variety of shapes and sizes. I prefer flats and filberts but rounds are also great. You can order a cheap set from Students generally prefer the set that includes a small brush for detail.
Pallet knife – for mixing paint.
Surface to paint on
A pack of Arches oil paper is great and does not need to be primed. Other good options are panels or small canvases. Opt for around 11 x 14 size.
Pallet – a disposible pack of pallet paper works fine. (or use anything you prefer)
paper towels or cotton rags
Gamsol solvant
jar with lid for solvant
painters tape
soap (dove works great or a small bottle of dish soap)

Optional Materials:
Liquin or lindseed oil or a medium of your choice
Table easel (if you like to work sitting down)
a drawing board or masonite board (to tape your paper to if you're using paper)

Class Fee:

4-Week Session: $90 members / $100 non-members