Angeleen DeVera, age 28

Albuquerque, New Mexico

I think the idea of equality scares men and women. Some men don’t believe women can stand on the same platform they can, and some women feel that we should be grateful that we’ve “come so far.” I hate that phrase. It immediately crushes your ambition, as if you are supposed to be satisfied with mediocre progress. I am not sorry, most men are not afraid of the idea of being raped, kidnapped, or sex-trafficked. People say stuff like,” Women should be cautious, women should be more self-aware, more conscientious.” We should not be- anything other than what we want to be. We should not fear for our safety. Until men realize women deserve retribution, recognition, and respect, there will never be enough progress.

Intergenerationally there is a wedge between women who believe that women have enough opportunities and women who feel underrepresented. Not all women are experiencing the “change.” Not all women benefit from this “progress.” WOC especially feel this disparity. We are underrepresented, less respected, and less acknowledged. I’ll never feel satisfied until women of color and women of the LGBTQ community are given the respect and opportunities that men are afforded. So women- get empowered, be informed, and never rest. The future is multicolored and bright.