Dolores Jean Cordova

Dolores Jean Cordova is a phenomenal female Hispanic Family Nurse Practitioner who has been providing the Albuquerque community with amazing health care for several years. Dolores works in the Emergency Room at Presbyterian Hospital but she also cares for underserved Hispanic Community at Clinica La Esperanza Clinic in the South Valley of ABQ. Dolores Cordova goes above and beyond to provide sensational care to Hispanic population and tries her damn best to never turn a patient in need of medical care away.

Dolores did not let being a single mother with 1 daughter hinder her and instead turned her disadvantages into opportunities. She put herself through nursing school while she was caring for her daughter and obtained her advanced Nurse Practitioner license to better care for her.

Dolores has unbelievable work ethic and will regularly work quadruple shifts in the Emergency Room and the clinic. She will work (not exaggerating) Monday from 8AM to 7PM at the clinic, then an overnight 10PM to 7AM shift in the Emergency Room, back to the clinic on Tuesday from 8AM to 3PM, and finally finishes the quadruple routine with another night shift in the Emergency Room. This adds up to roughly 35 work hours in 2 days. This may seem absolutely ridiculous to other people, but Dolores does not view this as “work.” She works these hours because Dolores knows how important it is to provide her community with available health care that would otherwise not be available to them. Dolores regularly says her work at Clinica La Esperanza is not for monetary gain and instead that it “feeds my soul” because knows she is making a positive change in the Hispanic community. Dolores’ patients are always singing her praises and when they see her, they absolutely know they are receiving the best care in ABQ.

It is my absolute honor to nominate Dolores as a matriarch in ABQ. Dolores’ work ethic and her compassion for her patients have led to her being highly regarded in her field which has encouraged young girls to idolize her, including myself.