Kesley Rust, age 23

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

I’ve been faceless,

once poured with heavy metal to the point of no magneticity

…dissociated by so many in society.

once a thief, a victim, a bearer too young to see these facets of societal realities.

among its highest, academia has educated me while no doubtable ostracized my reality.

Flying above eyes of wringers, deniers, liars; and those who simply sought pity for me.

No doubt I fight the biggest enemy – my conscious, the toughest battle in my entire brutality.

A fight I’m sure will win in me, as I rise higher than my mind can hold or contain me…

…I am a woman whose toes still wet with fresh life, whose world will no longer deny my authenticity.

Regardless of what I do, or where I’ll be – my empathetic pursuit for those who’ve tasted life’s poison will drive me.