Khaki Carr, age 23

Canton, TX


I’ve always felt the expectation that I needed to do or be more. I worked my ass off for more and didn’t measure up. I failed at doing and being more and it shattered me. The woman in this picture is smiling through the shattered and pulling herself back together. That is what being a woman is. That is what being human is. I allowed the pain to run its course and then I worked to pull myself back together. I taped everything in place, and now I’m working my ass off to be the woman I was actually meant to be, not the woman I thought I was supposed to or needed to be. I remind myself daily that I’m only human. I now know my limits and I expect greatness from myself but not to the extent that I harm my wellbeing. Being a woman is hard, just like being human is hard. Make sure you’re being compassionate to your fellow humans.