Meet the team of our 2018 Art & Social Justice Apprenticeship!

Ryan Henel

Lead Artist
Ryan Henel is the Field Coordinator for the University of New Mexico’s Land Arts of the American West program (2012-present). He has a BAFA, University of New Mexico, in Studio Art – Sculpture (2004), and an MFA, University of New Mexico, in Art + Ecology (2014). He is a practicing artist who develops site-specific public artworks and temporary installations that use perspective, patterns and scale to prompt the viewer to experience a different understanding of their place in an environment.

Joshua Lopez

Assistant Artist 
Born and raised on the west side of Albuquerque, Joshua Lopez is a young architect straight out of the UNM school of Architecture and Planning. Recently finishing up his bachelor’s degree in arts and architecture, Joshua is now the Lead Apprentice in Harwood Art Center’s Apprenticeship for Arts & Social Justice. He is looking forward to improving the La Mesa community through careful design decisions and appropriate lighting applications that will benefit Mesa Verde Park. Though primarily focused in the design process of architecture in the traditional sense, years of fabrication experience along with various leadership roles in school projects have prepared Joshua for just about anything.

Blanca Banuelos

Blanca Banuelos was born in Mexico and raised in the U.S, and is currently a DACA recipient. She’s apart of the NM Dream Team where she fights against injustice towards the immigrant community. Banuelos has recently graduated high school in which she took art all four years, during high school she was apart of the National Art Honor Society for three years. She’s had multiple artwork displayed in Metro and Scholastic from which she’s revived some awards for. Blanca Banuelos, hopes to focus on art, and improve and challenge her own artistic abilities by gaining inspiration from other artist.

Lillian Estes

Lillie Estes is a student at Albuquerque High school and a learning artist. Raised in Western Michigan, her family encouraged her to explore art and supported her outspokenness. Estes has deep rooted beliefs in upholding social justice, humanitarian action and creative expression, and as Co-president of her school’s National Art Honor society she reflects these values through community outreach. Throughout her high school experience she has had photography featured in Inpost Arts center, the Albuquerque Museum’s Focus Show, and in the APS metro art show and has received merit awards in photography and watercolor.






Mariah Garcia

Mariah was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. She currently attends ACE Leadership High School, where she has practiced architectural drafting and design. Mariah is a photographer who has received an honorable mention at APS Metro Show. In addition, she is a social justice and environmental activist. She is passionate and determined when it comes to serving her community. Her goal is to preserve New Mexico’s culture and bring positive change to its people.

Eric Molina

Eric Molina was born in Albuquerque New Mexico, both of his parents were born in Chihuahua Chihuahua Mexico. Eric started drawing in middle school. He liked to draw animals and mystical creatures. As time went by he found his passion to draw in Architecture, skylines, and nature landscapes. In freshman year Eric submitted a drawing of a duck to a competition to create a stamp for the National Wildlife Foundation. Although he did not win, he put time and effort into the drawing and that strengthen his passion for art. Eric was interested in Art and Social Justice because he wanted to create work that involves understanding what issues are most important to our community and beginning to work towards change. He joined Harwood program to be a living example of social justice as it allows young people of a variety of background opportunities to work in a field of their interest.

Elysa Reeves

Elysa Reeves is an aspiring architect, part time student at CNM, and artist. She graduated from ACE leadership high school at the top of her class and has had her drawings and model buildings on display at working classroom and ACE high school. She has always loved to create and hopes to convey a sense of freedom and adventure in her work.

Eva Trevizo

Born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico, Eva Trevizo remains a current resident. Her passion for art has been present all of her life in which she’s had and continues to get the support of family. Eva has showcased at Metro and has won a Merit award in which some of her pieces have also been sold.

Sebastian Vaughan

Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sebastian is an artist who uses his sense of detail to craft elaborate concepts and artworks. Drawing inspiration from the clean, defined, geometric style of modern design, Sebastian weaves together entire worlds rendered in art. Sebastian has experience in both graphic design and fine arts, and is continuing to seek and master new skills and practices. Sebastian’s art seeks to capture a realistic vision of the future, offering a glimpse into tomorrow through the lens of today.