Exhibition Runs: August 7 – September 11, 2020

Virtual Artist Talks: Thursday, August 27 @ 5:30pm

Harwood Art Center is pleased to present umbrae | arborum is Susie Protiva’s examination and meditation on the mutability of recollection, representation, and reconstruction of what is seen and not seen, remembered and forgotten. Altars of Imperfection // Quarantine Visions by Chelsea Wrightson in the Front Gallery, presents a series of altars informed by healing in the face of collective loss, and a series of drawings that imagine the brain’s response to limited visual stimulus.

Organizational Context & Approach to Exhibitions Program

On March 13, 2020, in accordance with public health emergency orders, we announced Harwood’s building closure, ceased all in-person gatherings, deployed staff to work from home, and began pivoting our programs to continue mission-driven service to the 10,000 New Mexicans we engage each year. In this transition, we have made fundamental shifts in the content, strategies, and financial models we’ve refined over 29 years of rootedness in our public, physical, arts center, and we’ve shaped, tested and rolled out an array of new distance arts and exhibition engagements, and have many more to come.

As we contemplated how to adjust our exhibitions program, for a time when we cannot plan physical convenings (such as exhibitions or opening receptions in our galleries, which have been cornerstones of this program), we’ve explored countless ideas, and we’ve sketched out a revised framework that we believe upholds the core value(s) of the program and adapts best to the upsidedown of now.

Virtual Artist Talks

On Thursday, August 27 we held a virtual exhibition reception and artist talks on Zoom.

Please use the link below to view recordings of the talks.

ASSEMBLIES by Zuyva Sevilla

ASSEMBLIES by Zuyva Sevilla

Assemblies explores light as both an active process and a malleable medium, pivotal in molding our experiences. It is
beyond natural phenomenon, acting as the primary system for visible perception and a conduit between dimensions
that influences our awareness of time. This exhibition leverages simulation as a gateway to potential realities,
presenting “Simulated Light Assemblies” where simulated light-beams, influenced by the relationship between gravity and light, allow precise control and pattern exploration through variable oscillations.

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Altars of Imperfection  // Quarantine Visions: Chelsea Wrightson

Altars of Imperfection // Quarantine Visions: Chelsea Wrightson

Altars of Imperfection is a series of meditative oil paintings on casted plaster altars that are informed by Chelsea Wrightson’s individual healing in the face of collective loss. Quarantine Visions is a series of graphite drawings on paper created in quarantine that imagine what the brain does with limited visual stimulus.

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