Harwood Art Center has an opening for a fulltime Building & Maintenance Manager to join our core staff. We are looking for someone who shares the philosophy, mission and values of Harwood and our parent organization, Escuela del Sol Montessori. If you are skillful with facilities maintenance, experienced in project and/or tenant management, and interested in contributing to our community of working artists and constellation of public programs, you are the person for this role.


For 50 years, Escuela del Sol Montessori has nurtured creative thinking, collaboration and self-direction in pre-K through elementary aged children. Escuela’s Harwood Art Center engages the school’s philosophy statewide to serve youth and adults with a variety of public arts programs, including workshops, artist studios, galleries and exhibitions, and community outreach projects, as well as apprenticeship, teaching and professional development opportunities. Escuela and Harwood are dedicated to nourishing a love of lifelong learning, creative expression, and generative impact with/in our community and our world. Diversity, equity, inclusion, access, representation, reflection, and restorative justice are essential to our being(s). We steward a historic campus at 7th Street & Mountain Road, at the intersections of Downtown, Wells Park, and Saw Mill, on unceded ancestral Tiwa Lands commonly called Albuquerque New Mexico. Learn more at www.escueladelsol.org and www.harwoodartcenter.org


The fulltime Building & Maintenance Manager is the lead caretaker for the historic Harwood Art Center Building and our adjacent 6th Street Studio Building. This position oversees and prepares our physical spaces for use by public programs, private events, and resident studio artists. They perform and coordinate a wide variety of facility, infrastructure, and utility system maintenance, including repair and restoration tasks at the semi-skilled level. They ensure an optimal environment for the safety, work, and expression of all the children and adults who inhabit and visit the campus. This position is part of Harwood Art Center’s core staff and cooperative leadership team, and they report to the Chief Programs Officer. This position works closely with vendors, faculty, and staff across our Escuela del Sol community, especially with the Campus & Facilities Maintenance Supervisor. 


Part of Harwood Art Center’s core staff, the Building & Maintenance Manager has four key roles:

  • BUILDING & STUDIOS MANAGEMENT: Oversee use of the Harwood Art Center and 6th Street Studio buildings, by our roster of community programs and our 40 resident studio artists / renting tenants. 
  • BUILDING & STUDIOS MAINTENANCE: Conduct routine maintenance, repairs and restorations of the historic Harwood Art Center and 6th Street Studio buildings, including artist studios, art classrooms, courtyards, galleries, meeting rooms, and offices. Coordinate vendors to conduct skilled or specialized maintenance, repairs and restorations as necessary.
  • BOOKINGS & LOGISTICS: Manage facilities logistics for Harwood’s community celebrations, artist talks, gallery openings, and public programs, as well as for event and film location bookings.
  • CAMPUS PLANNING & STEWARDSHIP: Project manage, support implementation and co-create the ongoing vision for our longterm 7th & Mountain Community Campus Plan. 


The Harwood Building & Maintenance Manager must be able to successfully perform the essential duties and responsibilities of this position including:

  • Possess good working knowledge of building facilities and equipment, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.
  • Conduct routine maintenance of building facilities and equipment.
  • Oversee building use and studio rentals, including tenant communications, rent reminders, and maintenance requests. 
  • Manage special building maintenance, repair and restoration projects.
  • Inspect and test building systems, machinery and equipment.  Repair and maintain (or coordinate specialized maintenance) as necessary.
  • Maintain inventory of supplies, materials and equipment needed for routine maintenance and custodial work in the Harwood Art Center and 6th Street Studio Building.
  • Co-implement a revised program of preventative maintenance.
  • Coordinate facilities logistics for special events and public programs, including set up, traffic, parking.
  • Perform periodic maintenance on-call, carry a maintenance after-hours cell phone, and respond to rare after-hours emergencies. 
  • Respond to and keep track of maintenance / repair requests by studio artists, teaching artists, and other employees of the organization.


Knowledge, skills, abilities and shared values required for this position: 

  • Willingness to learn about Escuela del Sol Montessori – Harwood Art Center and our mission, philosophy, community, campus, and goals.
  • Experience in building or tenant management and facilities maintenance.
  • Knowledge of standard practices, materials, tools, and terminology of building trades.
  • Ability to walk, stand, maintain balance, climb ladders, crouch, lift up to 50 pounds, bend, stoop, and reach above shoulder level.
  • Competence with Apple computers, Microsoft Office and / or Google Workspace.
  • Strong written, verbal and organizational skills, and very strong attention to detail.
  • Capacity to fulfill responsibilities carefully, carry out projects independently, and manage time efficiently, as well as to collaborate with and nurture others.
  • Ability to interact and communicate with everyone in a kind, courteous, and compassionate manner;
  • Belief that agency, safety, and expression are universal rights and that diversity, equity, inclusion, representation, and access are essential.


Must be able to speak, read, write, and understand English.  Fluency in Spanish is a plus.


A current driver’s license is required.  A background check is required and must be successfully completed before employment can be offered or started. You will have the opportunity to explain any items that appear on your background check; a record does not necessarily disqualify you from employment.


The physical demands are those needed to successfully fulfill the job duties and responsibilities articulated above.  As prescribed by law, reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.


The final work schedule will be agreed upon together. The ideal work schedule for this position includes 4 regular days per week on campus, with flexibility for administrative and program tasks to be done remotely. The typical work week is 38 hours, with on call for special events and facilities emergencies. 

The initial contract includes the following days off, with weekdays as paid time; additional paid time off is added with each year of employment:

  • 5 personal days, flexible
  • 5 vacation days, flexible
  • 2 professional development days, flexible
  • All Escuela del Sol organizational holidays and closures, based on the school calendar, fixed (2021 dates as example):
  • Monday September 6, Labor Day
  • Thursday October 7 & Friday October 8, Fall Break
  • Wednesday November 21 – Sunday November 28, Thanksforgiving Break
  • Monday December 20 – Sunday January 3, Winter Break
  • Monday January 17, Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • Monday February 21, Presidents’ Day
  • Monday March 21 – Sunday March 27, Spring Break
  • Friday April 15, Vernal Holiday
  • Friday April 22, Earth Day (Half Day)
  • Monday May 30, Memorial Day
  • Friday June 17, Juneteenth
  • Monday July 4 & Tuesday July 5, Independence Day
    Please Note: The Building & Maintenance Manager may need to work over organizational holidays or closures in order to complete projects in spaces like classrooms or galleries while they are not being actively used by programs; in this event, the holidays or closures worked will be credited as additional time off for personal or vacation use.


The Harwood Building & Maintenance Manager is fulltime exempt equivalent. This position is salaried with health, dental, and retirement benefits, as well as paid vacation, personal days, and professional development. The starting base salary is $36,000 per year, based on a typical 38-hour work week; staff are eligible for annual salary increases based on cost of living and longevity of employment.


Consistent with national and local guidance to prevent the infection and spread of COVID-19, and as an integral  part of its public health and safety measures, Escuela and Harwood require all employees for whom a COVID-19 vaccination has been approved by the FDA to become vaccinated against COVID-19 unless an exemption from this policy has been  granted as an accommodation in accordance with applicable law.


Please complete this application >> by Sunday, January 16th by 11:59pm MST


Please email Julia Mandeville at julia@harwoodartcenter.org with any questions.