Artist Talk: Friday, August 7 @ 5:30pm

Opening Reception: Friday, August 7, 6 – 8pm

Exhibition Runs: August 7 – 27, 2020

This is an evocation of my memory of being in the dappled light under aspen trees in full summer leaf. Umbrae, Latin for shadow, but also for shade, a ghost image. Spending time hiking amongst the aspens, with their interwoven root systems and interdependent destinies, I found myself ruminating on what will become shade and shadow-memory in our heating up anthropocene.

About Susie Protiva

Susie Protiva’s art begins in the daily experience of living close to the not-built environment, walking and looking in the high desert. Imagery and pattern, absorbed from the observed landscape, resurface in the studio in paintings, prints, or manipulated photos. She finds the gap between the thing-as-it-is and the thing-as-we-know-it as a vast plain of possibility, where she is perpetually tracing around the edges, feeling a way into seeing.

Susie Protiva was born in Missouri and raised in northern Arizona. She earned her BFA at the University of New Mexico. Her paintings are featured at Hell’s Backbone Grill in southern Utah, and have been included in the Albuquerque Museum’s annual Artsthrive exhibit, and exhibited at the Harwood Arts Center. Her prints have been exhibited in Massachusetts and New Mexico. She was an Artist in Wilderness for the residency program at Colorado’s Wilderness Workshop in 2019. Susie lives with her husband at the eastern edge of the Rio Grande watershed in northern New Mexico, where they have built their home and studios off-grid.